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Project Management for New Product Introduction

What is New Product Introduction (NPI)?

Getting high quality products to market fast is more complicated than ever. Distributed teams using different tools and sharing information with external supplier partners means that it`s easy to slip up and work on the wrong design. The need to innovate and get your products first to market means that you need a way to keep the entire product team on the same page. 

New Product Introduction (NPI) processes affect many teams, product lines, and supply chain partners required to develop and ship products as team move from early concepts to prototypes to production. Establishing a solid, unified plan for NPI will help you meet cost, quality, and scheduling goals – while eliminating costly mistakes that can lead to excessive scrap and rework or customer complaints. A good NPI process is the foundation any successful product launches and helps boost sales, customer satisfaction, and revenue growth.   

Establishing a Thoughtful NPI Plan Which Has a Major Impact On Your Bottom Line

Getting new products ready for release can be involved, intimidating, and subject to many common pitfalls. That`s why we’ve outlined Best Practices for NPI and NPD Success to ensure that your product development and introduction processes are smooth and efficient. Need More Help? Check out our Guide to New Product Introduction for even more free advice on essential elements of the NPI process.

New product introduction means start a new project for sourcing & procurement, new soucing & procurement project is very complicated and need cross functional and supplier collaboration.

SMART Sourcing project management is vital to ensure a Successful New Product Introduction (NPI):

Procurement Project Demand Management

Demand requirements management for new sourcing project

Identify special needs for procurement projects

Project background information assessment


Project Purchasing Objective Management

Turn project requirements into project goals and KPIs

Project SMART goals

Project objectives and KPIs management


Project Organization Management

NPI Project organization planning and management [PM-Responsibility matrix-RASIC chart]

Competency/capacity model matrix management of project procurement team members [DiSC personality analysis and competency]

Task Check list/OPL for project procurement team.


Project Time/Milestone Progress Management

Establish milestone management according to the requirements of the project committee / project sponsor / project stakeholders

Establish Gantt chart task package and development and control schedule


Project Procurement Cost Management

Project purchase cost database and data analysis management

Project should cost analysis

Product life cycle based cost management

Cost drivers modling management based on value chain

Project cost management


Project Quality Management

Project quality requirements management

Advanced Quality Planning Concept APQP

Quality Control Plan


Quality standards and change management

Quality Assurance Agreement QAA and Quality KPI

Quality Risk and Upgrade Management

Review of quality management system


Project Resource Management

Project fund resource management

Project human resource management

Project internal resource management

Project external resource management


Project Communication Management

Management of project procurement communication mechanism

Communication report with the project sponsor / project committee / project stakeholders

Internal communication and coordination of the project team

Communication and coordination with resource providers

Communication and coordination with suppliers


Procurement Project Conference Management

Project meeting system

Project Status Routine Evaluation Meeting

Review and evaluation of key control nodes and milestones of the project

Project task package status tracking control management

Minute Management of Project Meetings

Emergency coordination communication


Procurement Project Problem Management

Problem preventive analysis monitoring management

Problem Channel Collection Management

Problem Solution Management


Procurement Project Escalation Management

Four levels of project upgrade management and strategies

Project Risk Management

Project procurement risk preventive control plan management [including lessons from previous similar projects]

Project procurement analysis identification, analysis management

Monitoring and management of project procurement risk


Project Procurement Process Management

Strategic sourcing process planning

Sourcing strategy development

Strategic category management

Supplier base excellence & innovation management

Pre-SOP Purchase Project Management

Project preparation stage

Concept development stage

Technical Specification and RfQ / RfP stages

Strategic negotiation design and contracting

Pre-production preparation and second resource development plan

Release of parts and processes [PPAP release]

Capacity planning management

Engineering change management of procurement projects after SOP


Project Procurement Information and Document Management

Project Procurement Master Data Management

Project Procurement Document Management

Project Status Cockpit Icon Management


Project Procurement Change Management

Clarification of Project Demand Changes

Project Change Response Strategy Planning

Customer approval

 Implementing changes


Project Deliverables Acceptance Management

Submit project by project sponsor / project committee / project stakeholder

Acceptance according to the project goals set at the beginning


Project Report Management

Project Report

Customer satisfaction survey results

Project PDCA Enhancement Plan

Project Celebration and Reward Management


Project Experience and Lesson Management

Summary of Project Experience

Project Lesson Summary


New Purchasing Project Gantt Chart

New Sourcing Project 

Totally Executed as planned & everything under controlled