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China's leading manufacturer of aluminum alloy precision die-casting parts provides body structural parts for Tesla: front and rear shock absorbers, air-conditioning brackets, battery box brackets and body door frames Hay:T02GDWC

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On June 12, 2020, China's leading aluminum alloy precision die-casting parts manufacturer GDWC Precision Parts Group released its 2019 financial statements. The report shows: GDWC mainly develops and produces body structure products for Tesla (including front and rear shock absorption Towers, air-conditioning brackets, battery box brackets, body door frames and other products), the company's sales revenue to Tesla in 2019 was 126,126,400 yuan, accounting for 8.25% of the main business revenue.

GDWC Precision Parts Group was established in 1998. The company is mainly engaged in research and development, production and sales of automotive aluminum alloy precision die castings. The products are mainly used in engine system, gearbox system, chassis system, brake system, body structure parts and other automotive parts of medium and high-grade automobiles. Pieces. The company is headquartered in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, and has wholly-owned subsidiaries in Nantong City, Yixing City and Tianjin City, Jiangsu Province. It realizes the rational layout of the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Bohai Rim, and efficiently and quickly serves the customers of automotive vehicles and first-class parts in China and even around the world.

The company was officially listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in April 2018.

R&D Capabilities

The company`s R&D team with more than 500 excellent experts with rich experience, equipped with modern advanced design and management software and tools. 

Manufacturing Capabilities and Capacity

There are more than 150 die casting equipments (tonnage from 125 tons to 4000 tons) and nearly 1000 machining centers. The company has an annual output of more than 350 sets of casting dies. It can manufacture dies suitable for 125 to 4000 tons of die-casting machines. The annual production capacity of aluminium alloy die-casting castings is over 40,000 tons.


Die Casting Workshop


Precision Machining Workshop


Die Casting Molds Workshop

Product Portfolio

Aluminum Alloy Precision Die Castings Components & Parts

Engine system (including pump filter)

Electronic control system (motor)

Transmission system (transmission)

Chassis steering system

Brake system

Air management system (compressor)

Wiper system

Body structure

Non Automotive Pressure Casting

Customer Reference

The products are mainly used in engine systems, transmission systems, chassis systems, brake systems, body structure parts and other automotive parts of mid-to-high-end cars. Company customers include ZF TRW, WABCO, VALEO, HALDEX, GETRAG, BOSCH, MAHLE , JATCO and other world-renowned tie-one auto parts suppliers, as well as OEMs such as General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Great Wall Motors, Volkswagen, TESLA, Geely, Shanghai Weilai, BYD and other automakers.


The company won the GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award in 2014 and 2015, the 2013 Excellence Development Award at the Asia-Pacific Headquarters of ThyssenKrupp Berplatin Group in 2014, and the BOSC, the world's largest automotive parts supplier, from 2011 to 2014. H) was named "Preferred Supplier" of the year; in 2013, he was awarded "Special Recognition Award" by WABCO and "Best Process Improvement" by WABCO for his efficient and high-quality supply during the ramp stage of mass production of vacuum pump shells; He was awarded "Excellent Partner" by VALEO for 13 years and "Global Best Performance Award" by JATCO in 2012.

In 2018, the company was awarded the honorary title of the 2nd China Foundry Industry Die Casting Manufacturing Enterprises'Comprehensive Strength Top 50 and the 3rd China Foundry Industry Pioneer Enterprises; it was awarded the Specialized New Enterprise by Foshan Bureau of Economy and Information Technology; the 1st class of Die Casting Workshop was awarded the honorary title of "May 1 Labor Award of Guangdong Province"; in the 12th session of 2017. In December 2015, Xiongbang, a subsidiary company of Nantong, won the third prize of Nantong Science and Technology Progress Award, which was awarded by Nantong Municipal Government. At the exposition, the company's products won the "Gold Award for High Quality Castings (Special Award)".

In recent years, the company has also made breakthroughs in the field of new energy automotive aluminum alloy die-casting and automotive body structural parts. The automotive body structural parts of Tesla (TESLA) and Mercedes-Benz have entered the stage of mass production. The rapid growth trend of new energy vehicles and body lightweight will provide a broader development space for the company.