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China leading high-elastic heat-resistant electrical contact material Cu-Ni-Sn alloy, high-purity high-conductivity single-crystal copper ultra-fine cable/wire, complex thin-wall precision-molded aluminum alloy manufacturer and supplier Hay:A03XACJ

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XACJ Super Crystal Material Technology Group is a new material high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, development, production and management. The company focuses on the complex of copper alloys, aluminum alloys, high-temperature alloys, titanium alloys, rare metals such as zirconium, tungsten and molybdenum Precision deep-processing such as precision molding castings, forgings, complex thin-wall precision molding, etc.

Among them, "high-performance copper-based electronic functional materials" are listed as national high-tech industrialization demonstration projects. At present, industrial production technologies for high-purity high-conductivity single-crystal copper wires and strips have been developed, and excellent performance has been further developed. High-performance audio cables, ultra-fine cables and network cables imported from abroad. On this basis, in cooperation with Japan Materials Co., Ltd., the development of practical high-elastic heat-resistant Cu-Ni-Sn alloy wire and wire production technology.

High-purity high-conductivity single crystal copper, used for high-performance audio lines, ultra-fine lines and network lines;

Cooperate with Japan Materials Co., Ltd. to develop Cu-Ni-Sn alloy, a high-elastic and heat-resistant electrical contact material used in connectors of automobiles and electrical equipments;

ZL205A and other aluminum alloy ingots and precision castings are mainly used for aerospace high-strength heat-resistant components.

Since its establishment, the company has undertaken more than 20 research tasks including the National 's high-tech industry demonstration projects, the Ministry of Science and Technology's key 863 projects, the Aerospace Science and Technology Group's key model component development projects, and science and technology public relations projects.