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China Aluminum Alloy Precision Die Casting Engine & Transmission Parts and components: Cam Cover, clutch ring gear, Valve body, Cylinder block, oil pan housing, Piston housing, gearbox housing, Transmission connector manufacturer Hay:T02CQYJ

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CQYJ Precision Die Casting Technology Group was established in 1992. The company focuses on the production of aluminum alloy precision die casting products. The company has developed into a leading enterprise integrating independent research and development, design, mold manufacturing, die casting production, machining and assembly. It has an annual output of production capacity of 50,000 tons of aluminum alloy die castings and 50,000 tons of machined products per year. It is a pioneer manufacturer of aluminum alloy precision parts for various automobile powertrains, motorcycle engines and general gasoline engines.


Engine Parts 

Cam Cover

clutch ring gear

Valve body

Cylinder block

oil pan housing

transfer case housing

Piston housing


Cam Cover.jpg

Transmission Parts

gearbox(transmission) housing

Middle plate

Transmission connector

Left cover, transimission