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China leading precision stamping parts:commutators,Connectors & Busbars,slip rings,high-elastic precision parts,precision parts,Multi-layer insulated wires manufacturer provide power battery pack structural parts to Daimler Benz Hay:T01SZKZ

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On May 28, China leading precision stamping parts: commutators, connectors, slip rings, high-elastic precision parts, precision parts manufacturer SZKZ Precision Machinery Technology Group and Daimler Benz signed a supply framework contract, SZKZ will provide power batteries Package structure.

About SZKZ Precision Machinery Technology Group

SZKZ Precision Machinery Technology Group is a listed high-tech company leading in Chinese commutator industry.

It is specialized in R & D and production of various types of quality pr ecision stampingcommutators, slip rings, connectors, lightweight parts, high-strength and elastic parts, multi-layer insulated wires and other core precision parts for motor and electrical control system.

Its products are widely applied in automotive, household appliances, power tools and medical devices. The company has the capabilities of R & D and manufacturing of the precision stamping and bending tools, plastic injection tools, automatic machining lines and automatic inspection system, and a complete industrial chain to provide integrated solutions of high-end parts to the global customers.



Connectors & Busbars

Elastic parts

Automotive lightweight parts

Precise tools

Multi-layer insulated wires

Slip rings

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Relying on its advanced manufacturing technology and top quality as well as continuous innovation, the company is now a global supplier and has been widely recognized by the worldwide customers.

Customer Reference

Bosch, Daimler, Denso, Denso, ZF, Brose, Mahler, BYD, Valeo, Wanbaozhi, Continental, BorgWarner, Eberh, and other world-renowned customers.