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China leading deformed and cast superalloys, superalloy precision forgings and castings manufacturer invests in the construction of ultra-pure high-performance superalloy materials and complex thin-wall superalloy structural parts projects Hay:A04JSTN

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JSTN Advanced Alloy Technology Corp. specializes in high-performance alloys, special stainless steels and other high-performance alloy materials and their products. It is one of the few enterprises in China that can mass-produce "deformed superalloys" and "cast high-temperature alloys" products.

At present, JSTN has formed a complete product system of more than 30 high-performance alloy materials and multi-standard precision forged parts and casting products, and has realized batch supply in aviation, nuclear power and other industries.

JSTN has mastered key core technologies such as "ultra-pure smelting", "near-net investment casting", and "high-precision seamless tube manufacturing" of high-temperature alloy materials, and has become a large "complex thin-walled high-temperature alloy for domestic aeroengines" "Structural parts" and an important supplier of high-temperature alloys and special stainless steel seamless pipes for aircraft engines.

Not only that, JSTN has undertaken and completed the development and production tasks of a number of key components of national key models of military aviation engines.

At present, the company has a bottleneck in the production capacity of high-temperature alloy materials and precision casting products to meet the continuous growth of the market.

JSTN will invest 556 million yuan for "annual output of 1,000 tons of ultra-pure high-performance superalloy material construction project" and "annual output of 3300 complex thin-walled superalloy structural parts construction project.

About JSTN Advanced Alloy Technology Corp.

Founded in 1991, JSTN Advanced Alloy Technology Corp. is focused on in researching and developing, producing and marketing high performance alloy material and down-stream products such as high temperature alloy, precision alloy, special stainless and so on. With more than 460 employees, JSTN is a demonstration base of national new pattern industry, key enterprise of high performance alloy material in science and technology industrial park.

With whole industrial chain of special smelting, forging, rolling, drawing, tabulation, investment casting, JSTN can provide bars, rods, plates, sheets, strips, wires, forgings and precision castings. As a minority in China, JSTN is able to mass produce deformation and casting high temperature alloy, high temperature master alloy and high temperature investment casting.

JSTN Alloy hammer at providing high performance alloy material and down-stream products in high-end application area like aerospace, vessel, nuclear power and energy.