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China leading Liquid metal material, Liquid metal thermal paste / thermal pad, Liquid metal composite phase change energy storage capsule, Liquid metal flow circulation thermal & temperature control system manufacturer and supplier Hay:H06BJTJ

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BJ Liquid Metal Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise. The company focuses on the research and development of liquid metal materials and the industrialization of liquid metal materials in the field of thermal management. It integrates the preparation and processing of liquid metal materials, the provision of application solutions based on liquid metal materials, and the efficient thermal management system / product design and manufacture. To build a vertical industry chain. The company's low-melting-point liquid metal materials were included in the "Directory Catalog for the Demonstration of the Application of the First Batch of Key New Materials (2017 Edition)" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China as "frontier new materials" in 2017.

The company has an advanced liquid metal research and development center and a modern production base. It has liquid metal basic material preparation, liquid metal thermal interface material processing, liquid metal composite phase change energy storage capsule material processing, electromagnetic pump assembly production line, and liquid metal material laboratory , Product testing center, product display center.


Liquid Metal Base Materials

Liquid metal is a kind of low melting point alloy that shows liquid at room temperature. It has excellent thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, and has stable properties. It does not react with air and water at room temperature. Through the patented material modification technology of the imikon research and development team, liquid metal materials with different melting points, different viscosities, different thermal conductivity / conductivity, and different physical forms can be achieved.

Liquid Metal Thermal Paste / Thermal Sheet

Relying on the superior thermal conductivity and long service life of traditional silicone oil-based thermal interface materials, the state-of-the-art technology provides electromagnetic / laser / radar equipment, infrared imaging equipment Thermal interface materials in performance computer / server, IGBT, MOS tube, power tube, high-power LED products and other fields, and can be customized and developed according to customer needs.

1. Liquid metal thermal paste

Pure metal thermal interface material in paste form at room temperature. The most notable feature is that the thermal conductivity is much better than traditional silicone oil-based thermal interface materials, and the performance advantages are obvious.

Low melting point metal alloy liquid metal.jpg

2. Liquid metal heat conduction sheet

The solid sheet-like pure metal thermal interface product not only has excellent thermal conductivity, but also is convenient to operate and requires no application process.

Liquid Metal Composite Phase Change Energy Storage Capsule

The state-of-the-art liquid metal composite phase change energy storage capsule material is prepared by using advanced emulsifying and dispersing equipment and a unique formulation process. It maintains a highly dispersed, uniform, and stable particle size distribution in the solvent, and the particle size is less than 20 microns. . Liquid metal composite phase change energy storage capsule materials can be matched with other substrate materials such as fibers, fabrics, paints, plates, etc., and become an excellent composite phase change energy storage base material, which is widely used in intelligent temperature control, special protection, building energy saving and other fields.

Liquid Metal Flow Circulation Thermal Management System

Liquid metal flow circulation thermal management system relies on the advantages of low melting point, high boiling point, high thermal conductivity, high convection heat transfer coefficient, stable physical and chemical properties of liquid metal, etc., using liquid metal materials as flow circulation heat transfer medium to replace water, thermal oil, melting Salt and other traditional circulating heat transfer media realize the transportation of ultra-high temperature heat and ultra-high heat flux density heat that traditional heat transfer media cannot complete, and realize the safety of system operation. It is widely used in heat recovery, heat conduction, and heat management And other fields. Quanjin Technology has provided many domestic and foreign customers with application solutions and core heat transfer systems for efficient thermal energy management and utilization such as steel slag residual energy, calcium carbide residual energy, CDQ residual energy, biomass incineration thermal energy, and solar thermal energy. 

Liquid Metal Temperature Control Energy Storage Module

Liquid metal temperature control energy storage module, using the characteristics of low melting point, high thermal conductivity, high phase change latent heat and other characteristics of liquid metal materials, through the phase change of liquid metal materials to achieve energy storage and release, matching thermal insulation, thermal insulation materials or second loop cooling system Application, and then realize the control of the target device's own temperature and the target device's operating environment temperature, ensure that the target device is operated or used to achieve the most efficient state, save energy use and significantly improve device performance. Quanjin Technology has provided application solutions and customized development products for laser weapons, electromagnetic weapons, radar equipment, battery constant temperature protection systems to many customers at home and abroad.

Market and Applications

High temperature heat recovery

Solar thermal power

Biomass Energy Incineration Power Generation


Electronic cooling

Intelligent temperature control protection


The company gathers doctoral and master technical teams graduated from well-known domestic teaching and research institutions, and cooperates with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Army Research Institute, Air Force Research Institute, China Electronics Technology Group, China Aerospace Science and Technology Group, China Weapon Group, China Enfi and other well-known scientific research units maintain close cooperation to realize the leap from liquid metal materials from basic research and development to application development, from laboratory to industrialization and marketization. The series of products under the state-of-the-art technology are used in aerospace, weaponry, high-temperature thermal control, new energy development, special protection, smart civilian products and other application fields, and continue to innovate to help social development, enhance industrial height, improve the natural environment, and create a better life.

Customer Reference

Products have been applied to Qualcomm in the United States, Huawei in China, EAST (CATL joint venture), Haier, China State Grid, China Electric Power Research Institute, RXPE ...