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German RepRap launched Carbon 20, a carbon fiber composite printing material with high rigidity and not easily broken.

time:2015-07-13 browse:15040次

German 3D printing company German RepRap has launched a carbon fiber composite 3D printing wire Carbon 20. The wire contains 20% carbon fiber, with high dimensional accuracy, low distortion and low elongation at break (8-10%). Suitable for printing functional parts with rigidity and hardness.

Carbon 20 is resistant to high temperatures and has a high viscosity above the melting temperature. If the user needs to print parts that are rigid and not very brittle, then this material is very suitable. The material does not contain toxic styrene. Other technical properties are as follows:

High flexural modulus 6.2 GPA (899234psi)

High glass transition temperature (about 80 ℃ / 176 ° F)

3D printing temperature (tested on X400 3D printer): 252 ° C / 485.6 ° F

Print bed temperature (X400 3D printer, W / PET coating): 45 ° C / 113 ° F

German RepRap recommends that when using Carbon20 wire, it is best to use stainless steel nozzles, copper nozzles are prone to wear. This new type of 3D printed wire can be used in DD2 / DD3 extruder.