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China's largest high-strength and high-toughness deformed rare earth magnesium alloy production base is put into operation Hay:A03CCZK

time:2007-07-14 browse:90216次

CCZK Rare Earth Magnesium Alloy Technology Corporation is committed to the R&D and manufacturing of high performance rare earth magnesium alloy materials.

The company's new high-performance rare earth magnesium alloy production base was officially put into commercial production on July 7, 2007.

In addition to the characteristics of traditional magnesium alloys such as light weight, vibration reduction and noise reduction, electromagnetic radiation resistance, and no pollution for recycling, rare earth magnesium alloys also have heat and corrosion resistance, high strength and high toughness, flame retardant and wear resistance, easy forming and processing, and high temperature creep resistance. Variable and other comprehensive performance.

It is the most advanced new structural material in the world, and can be widely used in aerospace, automobile industry, rail vehicles and other fields, and the demand is growing rapidly with an average annual demand of 15%.

China's magnesium and rare earth resources have obvious advantages in the world. CCZK is one of the earliest enterprises in China to engage in and have obvious advantages in the research and development of rare earth magnesium alloys.

In the 1990s, it took the lead in developing yttrium-rich magnesium master alloys and won the second prize of the National Invention Award;

After 2002, they independently innovated patented technologies and processes such as "sinking liquid cathode electrolysis" and "co-electrodeposition", and prepared master alloys consisting of almost all single rare earth metals and magnesium;

At the end of 2004, it successively broke through the key technologies of rare earth strengthening phase and dispersion in rare earth magnesium alloys, and developed high performance rare earth magnesium alloys with heat resistance, corrosion resistance and creep resistance, which were successfully obtained in China's aerospace and auto parts. practical application. At present, the institute has the core technology of completely independent intellectual property rights from master alloy to application alloy series.

In order to accelerate the industrialization of rare earth magnesium alloys and make China's rare earth magnesium alloy industry with core competitiveness in the world bigger and stronger, in June 2006, CCZK, together with the Institute of Metal Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and enterprises in the fields of aviation and automobiles, jointly established a new rare earth magnesium alloy industry. Magnesium alloy production base. A solid step has been taken on the road to promote the industrialization of rare earth magnesium alloys in my country.

The company aims to build a domestic first-class rare earth magnesium alloy industrialization demonstration base integrating scientific research, technology development and product production, accelerate the construction of infrastructure and technological production equipment, actively introduce professional talents, and cooperate with FAW Group. , breaking through the engineering and stability of rare earth magnesium master alloys, as well as the technical key and process problems of smelting, die casting and extrusion of rare earth magnesium alloys.

At present, CCZK has the technical production capacity of producing 8,000 tons of rare earth-magnesium master alloys and 50,000 tons of rare-earth-magnesium application alloys per year, and has become the largest demonstration base for the industrialization of rare earth-magnesium alloys in my country.

Through the research on the structure transformation law, fatigue and creep process of rare earth magnesium alloys, the microstructure and composition characteristics of high-performance magnesium alloys have been optimized, and the development of magnesium alloy composition-structure-performance has been guided, and one high-quality magnesium alloy enterprise standard has been formed;

Developed AZ91 alloy with appropriate amount of Nd and Y added, its creep resistance is increased by 20 times, and the service temperature is increased from 120 ℃ to over 150 ℃;

Developed an AZ91 alloy with an appropriate amount of LPC added, and its corrosion resistance was increased by more than 70 times;

Developed high-strength and high-toughness deformed magnesium alloy MB26 containing rare earth...