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Hay Think`s Expertises on Strategic Sourcing & Procurements Management:

Strategic Sourcing & Procurement Expertises 

Best Practices on Categories:

Ultra Precision Components and Parts

Advanced & High Performance Materials

Priceless Treasure & Resources: Excellent Supplier Base

Hay Think`s Premium Supplier Pool has more than one million premium supplier data, and the supplier base derive from the supplier base of fortune global 500 companies which systematically assessed, selected, approved and certified by the China Sourcing teams of these companies.

Benewtec, The Subsidiary company of Hay Think focuses on Export Business.

Benewtec takes the advantage of Hay Think`s strategic sourcing and procurement expertises and excellent supplier base resources for export business and the advantage categories are as follows:

Precision & Ultra Precision Components and Parts

OEM Quality Automotive Parts & Accessories

High Performance Functional Materials & Parts

Special Metals & Alloys / Metallic Materials

Advanced Non-Metallic Materials & Parts

High Performance Polymer Materials & Parts

High Performance Composite Materials & Parts

Further information please refer to BeNewTec official website:



http://www.haythink.com/insights/Industry News

Benewtec would provides the premium quality products and services

One Stop Trading & Business Service on:

Advanced & High Performance Materials

Precision & Ultra Precision Components and Parts