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  • Service: Special Metals & High-performance Alloys
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Our primium quality supplier base data cover the excellent suppliers for:

High-purity Metal Materials

Rare earth metals, rare earth alloy materials, rare earth functional materials

Special Steel Materials and Products

Special and High-performance Alloy Materials and Products

High-performance Titanium Alloy Material

Superalloys, High Performance Alloys

Corrosion-resistant Alloy and Products

High Temperature Resistant Superalloy

Hard alloy Materials and Products

Refractory Metal Alloy Materials and Products

High-strength Metal Alloy Materials and Products

Wear-resistant Metal Alloy Materials and Products

Ultrafine Metal Powder

Precision Metal Foil

Precision Metal Strip/ Sheet Materials

Precision Metal Wire

Precision Metal and Alloy Pipes

Porous / Foam Metal Materials and Products

Honeycomb Structure Metal Materials and Products


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Advanced and High Performnace special metal materials and products