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Chinese leading manufacturer of High strength heat resistant magnesium rare earth alloy,Aluminum-Lithium Alloy (Al Li alloy),Aluminum Master Alloy,Aluminum alloy welding wire,Deformation of Magnesium Alloy,Magnesium alloy wire Hay:A03ZZQY

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ZZQY Light Alloy Technology Group is a joint venture between the Institute of Nonferrous Metals, Chinese Academy of Sciences and China ZZ Aluminum Magnesium Alloy Technology Group.

ZZQY relies on the scientific research power of the Institute of Non-ferrous Metals of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China National Aluminum Smelting Engineering Technology Research Center, China National Light Metal Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and other domestic first-class scientific research platforms. It has China's first-class laboratory research, small test, pilot test and batch The ability of chemical production.

The company focuses on the R&D and production of light alloy castings, forgings, plates, strips, foils, pipe rods, wires, and parts that are urgently needed in advanced manufacturing industries such as aerospace, aviation, medical care, and automobiles. Light metal structural materials—the production and research capabilities of magnesium-lithium alloys. The output of ZZQY magnesium-lithium alloys accounts for more than 70% of the world's output and 95% of China's output; the development of "stainless" magnesium alloys, a revolutionary breakthrough in the magnesium industry, was earlier Use vacuum melting to produce high-purity, large-scale high-strength heat-resistant magnesium rare earth alloys, high-strength aluminum-lithium alloys for aerospace use, ultra-high-strength heat-resistant aluminum-copper alloys, high-performance aluminum alloy/magnesium alloy castings, forgings, refined aluminum alloy ingots and special Master alloy, high-performance bronze, cupronickel alloy and other products; successfully developed a variety of high-strength cast aluminum-lithium alloys, ultra-high-strength deformed aluminum alloys, high-strength heat-resistant magnesium rare earth alloy materials and products for China's aviation and aerospace projects.


Aluminum Alloy

High strength cast Aluminum ingot

Die cast aluminium alloy ALMNCO

Aluminum Lithium alloy (Al-Li alloy)

Aluminum Master Alloy

Aluminum alloy welding wire

Other Special alloy

Magnesium Alloy

Super light Mg-Li alloy

Deformation of Magnesium Alloy

Magnesium alloy wire

High strength heat resistant magnesium rare earth alloy

Cooper Alloy

Aluminum Bronze Alloy

Chrome Bronze Alloy

Zirconium Bronze Alloy

Beryllium Bronze Alloy

Tin bronze Alloy

Antimony bronze Alloy

Nickel white copper Alloy

Lead and Zinc Alloy

Lithium lead alloy

Lead and bismuth alloy

Lead alloy for batteries

Lead calcium alloy

Lead rare earth alloy

Precision Casting and Forging

Al Alloy Castings

Precision Castings

Mg Alloy Castings

Cu Alloy Castings

Forging, rolling, Extruding products

Al Alloy Precision Forging

Mg Alloy Precision Forging

Cu Alloy Forgings

Al Alloy Sheet

Mg Alloy Sheet

Cu Alloy Sheet

Mg Alloy Foil

Functional Materia

Aluminum Titanium Boron Grain Refiner

Sound absorbing aluminum Fiber Material

The company has 9 laboratories and 9 pilot and batch production lines, the experimental and production workshops cover an area of ​​more than 26,000 square meters, and nearly 200 sets of research and production equipment. It has 9 laboratories including smelting and casting, chemical analysis, mechanical properties, heat treatment, microstructure analysis, physical properties, corrosion and protection, non-destructive testing, welding, etc., as well as alloy vacuum melting and casting, non-vacuum alloy melting casting, extrusion drawing There are 9 pilot production lines for dialing, rolling, heat treatment, surface treatment, castings, and machining. It has a complete set of alloy research and production capabilities from a few kilograms to 100 kilograms in the laboratory, a ton-level pilot test, and batch industrialization. Systematic study of the relationship between the chemical composition, production process and performance of the alloy, especially suitable for the research and production of high-performance, small-batch, and multi-variety special alloys required by the national defense industry. Material selection, material melting and casting, and machining can be carried out according to customer drawings. , Connection, surface treatment to the entire process service of the final parts, or according to the special requirements of the user to achieve private customized research and development of new products, especially suitable for pre-researched products of military customers.

For more than 50 years, ZZQY has been committed to the research, development and production, technical services and technical consultation of aluminum, magnesium, copper, zinc, lead and other non-ferrous alloy materials, and has completed more than 200 scientific research projects. Among them, the silicothermic magnesium smelting technology developed has realized the global transformation from the electrolytic magnesium process to the new silicothermic magnesium smelting process. This technology has promoted China's primary magnesium to account for more than 80% of the world's output; it is the first to research and develop in China Magnesium sacrificial anode, cast magnesium alloy for automobile gearbox, aluminum titanium boron grain refiner, aluminum titanium carbon grain refiner, aluminum manganese cobalt alloy that can be oxidized and colored, aluminum fiber sound-absorbing material, vacuum high-voltage switch contact Copper-chromium alloys, copper-bismuth silver-iron alloys, copper-aluminum-bismuth alloys, corrosion-resistant copper-nickel-iron-aluminum alloys, extruded zinc alloy strips for automobiles, lead rare earth grain refiners and other products are used for the development of domestic non-ferrous materials Made an important contribution.