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China`s manufacturer of Zinc cadmium tin nickel anode plate,silicon aluminum wire,high purity aluminum wire,capacitor grade tantalum wire,molybdenum thin strip,beryllium sheet, niobium strip,Niobium titanium alloy,lithium niobate crystal,wafer Hay:A03ZGYS

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Founded in 1983, ZGYS Nonferrous Metal Technology Group is a large-scale central enterprise under the management of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

ZGYS has spread its business to over 80 countries and regions in the world, and covered more than 40 nonferrous precision metal and alloy products including Copper, lead, zinc, nickel, tantalum, niobium, beryllium, gold, silver and rare earth...


Zinc-cadmium-tin-nickel anode plate

Silicon aluminum wire, high purity aluminum wire

Beryllium copper forging material, beryllium aluminum alloy ingot, beryllium copper alloy ingot, beryllium bronze plate and strip, beryllium bronze rod and wire, oxygen-free copper bus bar, rod and profile (copper bar), oxygen-free copper wire, red copper strip, bronze wire, bronze Strip brass strip, cupronickel strip, high-precision copper alloy plate and strip, precision copper tube, bright copper coil internal thread copper tube

Nickel and nickel alloy welding wire, nickel beryllium titanium high-elasticity alloy plate and strip, precision nickel wire, nickel and nickel alloy strip, nickel and nickel alloy plate, nickel and nickel alloy rod

Capacitor grade tantalum wire

Molybdenum thin strip

Beryllium sheet Niobium bar

Smelting of niobium, niobium-titanium alloy, lithium niobate crystal, wafer

Titanium strip

Niobium nickel alloy, niobium aluminum alloy, niobium and niobium alloy products

Niobium and niobium alloy tubes, rods and wires, niobium and niobium alloy plates, strips and foils, niobium and niobium alloy targets

Niobium ingots and niobium-zirconium ingots, high-purity niobium ingots, tantalum and tantalum alloy targets

Lithium tantalate crystals, wafers, tantalum tungsten and tantalum-niobium alloy ingots, tantalum and tantalum alloy plates, strips and foils

Tantalum and tantalum alloy rods, tantalum and tantalum alloy seamless tubes and welded tubes, tantalum bars

Tantalum ingots, tantalum parts, tantalum crucibles

Tantalum furnace material, ferro tungsten, capacitor grade metallurgical grade tantalum powder

Zinc-based wear-resistant alloy