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China leading iron-silicon-chromium soft magnetic powder,amorphous alloy strip,amorphous iron cores,gas-atomized silicon aluminum powder,micron spherical metal powder,nanocrystallized ultra-thin alloy strips manufacturer and supplier Hay:F05QDYL

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QDYL Advanced Materials Technology Group was established in 1995.

Since the company started the research and development of soft magnetic materials and the research of industrial production technology in 1998, it has become one of the few Chinese magnetic materials industry leading enterprises.

The company has three product lines, including thin amorphous alloy ribbons and amorphous cores, micron-scale spherical metal powders and products, and nanocrystalline ultra-thin ribbons and related products, which are widely used in power distribution, new energy vehicles, wireless charging, nuclear power, medical and aerospace applications, providing the world's high-end customer advanced metal functional materials, household products and solutions.


Amorphous Alloy Strip

amorphous alloy strip.jpg

The amorphous alloy is solidified by ultra-rapid condensation. When the alloy solidifies, the atoms are to slow to orderly crystallize. The resulting solid alloy has a long-range disordered structure without the presence of crystal grains and grain boundaries. This amorphous alloy has many unique properties. Due to its excellent performance and simple process, it has become the focus of research and development in the material science community domestically and abroad since the 1980s. The iron-based amorphous alloy is composed of 80% Fe and 20% Si and B metalloids, it has high saturation magnetic induction strength (1.56T), magnetic permeability, and the excitation current and iron loss are superior to silicon steel sheets in all aspects.

Amorphous Iron Cores

Amorphous iron cores are made of amorphous strip by cutting, molding, heat treatment and other processes. It is the core component of amorphous alloy transformers. Compared with traditional silicon steel transformers, amorphous alloy transformers have low loss and high magnetic permeability, and their no -load loss can be reduced by 65%-80% compared to ordinary silicon steel transformers.

Gas-atomized Silicon Aluminum Powder

Compared with crushed iron silicon aluminum powder, the gas-atomized iron silicon aluminum powder has better DC Bias and low power consumption and has a better cost performance; this material perfectly replaces ordinary iron silicon aluminum and iron silicon. Bringing a significant reduction in the cost of inductive devices it is the "future material" of the magnetic powder core industry.

Water-atomized Iron-Silicon-Chromium Soft Magnetic Powder

Water-atomized iron-silicon-chromium soft magnetic powder has the advantages of high resistivity, low magnetic crystal anisotropy constant and low magnetostriction coefficient, good thermal stability, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. It is the most widely used magnetic material with the largest amount of this kind of material.

Nanocrystallized Ultra-thin Alloy Strips

Nanocrystallized ultra-thin strips.jpg

The iron-based nanocrystalline strip is produced by ultra-rapid solidification technology from molten steel with a cooling rate of about 106 °C/s. Compared with traditional materials, it has high magnetic permeability and low loss, and is an excellent soft magnetic material. It can replace ferrites as a common mode inductor, electronic transformer, etc., which can greatly improve the efficiency of the transformer, reduce the size, reduce the loss, and reduce the costs. It can also be applied to emerging fields such as automotive electronics and wireless charging. The company is the first domestic company to achieve mass production of strip thickness of 14 microns.