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The leading medical titanium alloy manufacturer Hay:A04BJXN

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BJXN Titanium Alloy Technology Corporation is committed to the research and production of high-end titanium and titanium alloy materials for medical and aerospace purposes.

The company has over 280 advanced equipment sets, and key equipment such as 5T fully automatic control ALD vacuum consumable arc furnace and MW4 precision wire rolling mill are all imported from Germany, reaching the world's advanced level.

It has an annual production capacity of 1500 tons of high-end titanium alloy materials for aerospace and medical purposes.

The leading product is high-end titanium alloy materials, widely used in defense technology industries such as aviation, aerospace, ships, weapons, and civil fields such as medical treatment.

The company's medical titanium alloy materials account for more than 30% of the market share in China. It is a world leading medical titanium alloy materials R&D and manufacturing enterprise. Its products are exported to Germany, the United States, Brazil, Türkiye, the Czech Republic, South Korea, Russia, India and other countries and regions.


Dental titanium materials

Titanium material for dental central screws

Titanium rods for dental implants

Titanium material for dental cleaning tips

Titanium material for dental base

Titanium materials for dental titanium discs

Titanium materials for medical implants

Titanium material for dental central screws.jpg

Medical titanium rod

Medical titanium plate

Medical titanium wire


Titanium polishing rod

Titanium rods for ordinary medical screws

Ti-6Al-7Nb titanium rod

High performance and high strength titanium rods

Titanium alloy for aerospace and equipment

Titanium foil

Titanium wire 

Titanium sheet skull plate

BJXN currently has 14 valid national patents (including 5 invention patents, 5 utility model patents, and 4 design patents), and the company is a participating unit in the standard formulation of China's "Pure Titanium Profile" YS/T886-2013.

The company has successively passed ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 quality management system certifications, AS9100D quality system certifications, and corresponding military qualifications.

The company is a member of the China Medical Device Industry Association, a director of the Surgical Implants Professional Committee of the China Medical Device Industry Association, and a qualified supplier of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Corporation. Medical titanium and titanium alloy rods were awarded the provincial famous brand product in 2016.