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Evonik expands production capacity for SEPURAN® Hollow Polyimide Fiber Membranes

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Schörfling/Lenzing, Austria. Evonik will further expand capacity for production of its SEPURAN® hollow fiber membranes in Schörfling and Lenzing, Austria. The specialty chemicals company already put into operation a new hollow fiber spinning facility in Schörfling at the beginning of the year. On the occasion of today's ceremonial opening of this plant, Evonik Chief Executive officer Christian Kullmann announced the construction of a further production line: "We are going full throttle for the green transformation and are investing a mid-double-digit million euro amount as the next step to grow our membranes business." Construction in Schörfling and Lenzing is scheduled to start in early 2024, with completion planned for the first half of 2025.