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The large size single crystal copper foil realize commercial production in China Hay:A03GDJY

time:2023-10-10 browse:9117次

GDJY Advanced Materials Technology Corporation is committed to the R&D and production of high-performance, low-dimensional materials.

The single crystal copper material developed by the R&D team is different from traditional laboratories that can only prepare a single palm sized single crystal copper sample. Through independently developed intelligent equipment, the team can produce more than 30 different sizes and performance single crystal copper materials in one machine, with a maximum size of A4 paper.

In 2018, the R&D team achieved the controllable preparation of the world's largest and most comprehensive single crystal copper foil library for the first time, which was successfully selected as one of China's major technological advancements in 2020.

single crystal copper foil.jpg

In 2020, based on the preparation technology of large-sized and high index single crystal copper foil, we will develop a series of light element single crystal materials and devices with specific structures and excellent performance.

Nowadays, the high-purity single crystal copper and copper silver alloy products developed by the team have achieved commercial scale production.