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The leading precision metal etching of titanium alloy plates supplier Hay:T08SZJQ

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SZJQ Precision Technology Corporation is committed to the R&D and production of high-precision metal etching products.

The company is able to etch various metals such as stainless steel, titanium, etc., and configure processes according to different hardness materials for precision etching processing.

The product is suitable for various fields such as hydrogen energy, new energy, communication, automobiles,computers, medical devices, optical equipment metal parts...

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Parts with Precision micropores

Filter screen

Filter screens are mainly used for liquid/solid and solid/gas filtration, and are used for separation in various industrial fields such as water, chemistry, algae, petrochemical, petroleum, natural gas, pharmaceuticals, food, and other industries. It has a significant impact on the efficiency of the production process and the quality of the final product.

Atomizer plate

In the most advanced drug delivery system achieved through vibrating screen technology, the atomizer nozzle plate can release millions of micrometer sized droplets per second through its unique geometric shape, forming an ideal fine mist that can be directed to the lungs.

Spray nozzle plate

The nozzle plate is widely used for precise injection of various liquids and gases. Typical applications include atomizer nets, flow control panels, fuel nozzle plates, and openings in perfume bottles. By electroforming, precision nozzle plates with submicron pore characteristics can be manufactured.

Ink jet nozzle plate

The working principle of an inkjet printer is to spray ink droplets onto paper, plastic, textiles, and various other substrates. The most critical component of the inkjet printing head is the inkjet nozzle board.

Precision optical components

High precision metal parts

Etched titanium alloy plate

Precision etching of metal bipolar plates and PEM titanium plates

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