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The Global Leading Faraday Rotator Supplier Hay:B06CDFR

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CDFT Crystal Materials Technology Corporation is committed to the R&D and production of high-performance magnetic crystal materials.

At present, It has successfully developed various optoelectronic crystal materials such as Faraday Rotator and millimeter wave ferrite single crystal, and actively developed optoelectronic component products such as millimeter wave circulators.

Faraday Rotator is one of the key crystal materials in fields such as optical communication and data centers, mainly used in components such as optical isolators, and plays an important role in ensuring system stability.

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Previously, the international market for Faraday Rotator products was mainly monopolized by the Japanese company GRANOPT and the US II-VI.

The research and development team of CDFT has been developing the Faraday Rotator growth process since 2000. After more than 20 years of technological accumulation, it has now surpassed the liquid phase epitaxy growth technology for large-sized Faraday Rotator wafers, and the comprehensive performance of the product has reached the international advanced level.

The Faraday Rotator product developed by the company has been validated by multiple downstream major customers, achieving stable commercial production and supply in bulk.

About Faraday Rotator

A Faraday Rotator is a single crystal film made of Bi-substituted rare-earth iron garnet, manufactured using Liquid Phase Epitaxy (LPE) method. 

A Faraday Rotator has the quality to rotate the polarization direction when magnetic field is applied (magneto-optical effect or Faraday effect), which is utilized in optical isolators (an optical part to allow light transmission in only one direction) and optical circulator (an optical part to adjust optical output port). 

Today, it has become increasingly popular as an indispensable material in building the infrastructure for near-future society based on optical communications.