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Chinese ceramic springs achieve 25% compression Hay:B03ZCDH

time:2023-09-06 browse:9172次

Springs are the fundamental structure of mechanical components and an important component of many mechanical systems. Springs are different from other mechanical parts in that they undergo deformation after being subjected to force, converting potential energy into elastic properties. After unloading, they then convert elastic properties into the potential energy of an object without any change. Springs are often used in shock absorption, pre tightening, and buffering devices, involving various aspects such as industry, aerospace, and daily life, and play an irreplaceable role.

At present, high-temperature springs are mostly made of high-temperature alloy materials and ceramic materials, but when the working temperature is greater than 1000 ℃, the strength of the metal material will significantly decrease and cannot meet the usage requirements. Therefore, some researchers have focused on ceramic materials with excellent high-temperature resistance and wear resistance, but the inherent low ductility of ceramics makes the preparation of ceramic springs a highly challenging and meaningful task.

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The ceramic spring developed by ZCDH Advanced Ceramic Technology Corporation can achieve an astonishing 25% elastic compression, while the current known record of ceramic spring elastic compression is 20%.

Only three countries in the world, including China, have the ability to produce this technology.