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After CoorsTek and Toshiba Ceramic, the third global manufacturer of silicon nitride ceramics Hay:B01ZCDH

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ZCDH Advanced Ceramic Technology Corporation is committed to the R&D and manufacturing of advanced nitride ceramic materials.

The main products of the company include:

Silicon nitride ceramic bearing balls, silicon nitride substrates, and silicon nitride insulation composite components

The company is the third in the world after CoorsTek and Toshiba Ceramic, and also the first and only enterprise in China to mass produce hot isostatic pressing silicon nitride ceramic materials.

The bearing speed using silicon nitride ceramic bearing balls can reach 600,000 revolutions per minute and can withstand high temperatures up to 1200 degrees Celsius. What's even more unique is its self-lubricating characteristics.


Silicon nitride ceramic ball, commonly known as "ceramic king", has a density of about 42% of bearing steel, an elastic modulus of up to 320GPa, a tensile strength of 1600MPa, and a compressive strength of up to 3600MPa. Its mechanical properties remain almost unchanged below 900 ℃, making it one of the ideal materials for rolling bearings.

The G3 grade silicon nitride bearing ball successfully developed by ZCDH has been applied in aerospace and aviation engineering, and has been supplied in large quantities to multiple bearing enterprises in China.

Advanced ceramic transparent materials occupy a leading position, with supporting fields covering aerospace, aviation, shipbuilding, weapons, etc., providing key materials and products for over 30 models.

Customer Reference

SKF, Timken, GMN, Schaeffler, Seiko...

There are four global manufacturers of silicon nitride ceramic insulated bearings for wind power generation, of which three have become customers of ZCDH.