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The leading electro-luminescent fiber supplier Hay:D01YTTH

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The Electro-luminescent fiber features uniform luminance, flexibility, stretchability, washability with great finess, meeting the textile needs of embroidery, sewing, knitting, weaving, webbing, etc. offering soft lighting solutions for your innovation.

The Electro-luminescent fiber is available in two series, each series in seven colors, meeting different requirements of textile applications and processing machines.

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Main properties

Uniform luminance

The Electro-luminescent fiber is a continuous fiber-shaped lighting source with low power consumption and no heat generation. It can be bent at any angle with tests showing no luminance loss after 10k times of bending experiments.

Flexible & Stretchable

The Electro-luminescent fiber has excellent flexibility and stretchability compared with similar luminescent products. With elongation at break up to 20-30% in some product series, it can perfectly supply the demand of textile applications.


The Electro-luminescent fiber is waterproof and can emit light under water.

Textile Application

It can be used in textile processes including embroidery, sewing, knitting, weaving, webbing, etc.