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The Colorless polyimide (CPI) Films Supplier of Apple and Samsung Hay:C04ZZSD

time:2023-08-18 browse:97065次

Recently, China's leading Polyimide films technology company, ZZSD Polyimide Technology Corporation, won the Chinese Patent Silver Award.

ZZSD's "Preparation Method of Low Water Absorbent Polyimide Film (PI Film)" creatively solves the technical difficulties of high-end PI film products, breaks through the cutting-edge technological bottleneck that restricts the application of PI films in China, ensures the independent supply of key materials, breaks the blockade of foreign companies, solves the "technical bottleneck" problem of patent monopoly, and successfully realizes commercial application, And become a member of the world's top clubs in this field.

At present, the company's Polymid films product applications have covered high-end electronic information, electronic cooling, rail transit, large ship industry, radar and 5G high-frequency communication, aerospace and other fields.

ZZSD is mainly engaged in the research, development, and production of high-performance polyimide films and other related polymer materials. The independently developed polyimide film products have fully reached the level of similar products in the United States and Japan, filling the technical gap of similar products in China and achieving import substitution. It has become the fourth high-tech enterprise in the world and the first in China to have the ability to mass produce high-performance PI films.

ZZSD is also an invisible champion enterprise in the field of Polymid films in China.

The only Chinese PI film brand recognized by mainstream electronic terminals both domestically and internationally.

After more than 10 years of technological innovation and accumulation, ZZSD has overcome a series of fundamental scientific issues and engineering key technologies in the material design, preparation process, and equipment system integration design of high-performance P films. It has successfully achieved large-scale production and commercialization of chemical imine film production, filled the gap in the Chinese market, achieved import substitution, and fully reached the level of foreign products in the electronic field.

The products are widely used in well-known domestic and foreign companies such as Samsung, Huawei, Vivo OPPO, LG, Google, and Amazon. In 2023, the company passed Apple's supplier verification and officially entered the "Apple Supply Chain", becoming the only Chinese PI film brand recognized by mainstream electronic terminals both domestically and internationally.