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The integral forming technology of silicon carbide ceramic structural parts won the Geneva International Gold Award Hay:B01WHZQ

time:2023-02-18 browse:54261次

WHZQ Advanced Ceramic Technology Corporation is committed to the material, equipment, technology and other aspects of the integral forming of high-end silicon carbide ceramic components.

The company's R&D team won the gold medal at the Geneva International Invention Exhibition in 2021.

Silicon carbide reflector structural components for Chinese spacecraft

Silicon carbide reflector structural components.png

Silicon carbide ceramics are key materials in aerospace, electronic information and other fields, with excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance and low thermal expansion coefficient.

It is widely used in national major strategic equipment and core pillar industries such as high resolution space remote sensing satellite mirror blank, laser square mirror for large-scale integrated circuit lithography, ceramic armor, aircraft thermal protection system, etc.


Strict and special applications require the processing of silicon carbide ceramic components to be in place at one time and integrated.

The WHZQ R&D team has innovated ideas from three aspects of material selection, equipment and technology. The strength of the integrally formed components has increased by 22% compared with the international top level. The main technical indicators are internationally advanced, which has promoted the technological progress of China's aerospace, electronic information and other industries.