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Lubrizol Specialty Polymers Announces New Distribution Partnership with LEHVOSS

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Lubrizol's Advanced Materials Business Unit Announces New Distribution Partnership with LEHVOSS Italia Srl to distribute PearlbondTM TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) in Italy for reactive hot melt adhesives (HMPUR or RHM) and hard-lined leather shoes ) And PearlstickTM thermoplastic polyurethanes for solvent-based adhesives.

LEHVOSS Italia S.r.l. is an Italian subsidiary of Lehmann & Voss & Co., Which sells specialty chemicals. LEHVOSS is a well-known distributor of specialty chemicals covering a wide range of industries including plastics, adhesives, compounds and polyester resins, rubber, paints, coatings and polyurethane polymers.

Javier Tortosa, Global Adhesives Business Manager, Lubrizol Specialty Polymers, said: "After signing this agreement, we look forward to expanding the growth of specialty TPU solutions in the Italian adhesives market and consistently providing superior service to new customers. We hope to provide high-value differentiated technical solutions through cooperation with LEHVOSS in Italy. "