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LANXESS at the K Show with antioxidants for aging protection

time:2016-12-13 browse:4144次

LANXESS Group's High-Quality Industrial Intermediates Business Unit launched the full range of antioxidants and anti-ozonants for aging protection in the rubber industry at the 2016 German K Show. LANXESS, which owns brands such as Vulkanox, Vulkacit, Vulkazon and Renacit, is one of the few manufacturers on the market to provide premium additives for rubber processing.

LANXESS Vulkanox antioxidants and Vulkazon anti-ozonants can significantly extend the life of elastomers, thereby extending the life of products such as car tires, rubber products and fire hoses, and maintaining their long-term performance.

Another high-performance peptizer developed by AII called Renacit 11 / WG can improve the processing performance of natural rubber by breaking the molecular chain. Also exhibiting its Vulkacit vulcanization accelerator, this product helps optimize the processing of rubber products. The basic principle is that by adjusting the reaction of sulfur and elastomer molecules during vulcanization, it has a positive effect on the speed of vulcanization reaction and the performance of rubber products, and will maintain excellent tensile strength, elasticity and elongation at break during long-term use And hardness.