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Radici Group launches a series of high temperature plastic PPA products

time:2016-12-13 browse:6208次

Radici showcased the RADILON AestusT polyphthalamide PPA product series at K2016. In addition to the RADILONAestusT series products, the Radici Group also exhibited high-temperature resistant RADLONHHR and RADLONX-TREME special metal replacement products RADISTRONG, RADILONA and S, RADILOND, RADLONDT610 and 612 polyamide, etc. at K2016. It also highlighted RADIFLAMAHF halogen-free No red phosphorus flame retardant material!

According to Lantic, the pipe fittings made of RAILON AestusT series can be in contact with hot water at a temperature not higher than 85 ° C. Its steam resistance is 120 ℃, which can be used in valves, hot water distribution manifolds and water meter boxes. The RADILON AestusT product family not only has the highest temperature resistance, but also has high fire and chemical resistance, especially for corrosive fluids. Products made with RADILON AestusT are commonly used in electrical and electronic equipment, water pipes, hot beverage dispensing equipment and the automotive industry.

In September this year, Landic also announced that it would acquire the engineering plastics division of INVISTA to further strengthen and expand its market share in Europe and the United States.