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German Continental tires want to take over Siemens' shareholding in the hands of Siemens

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German Business Magazine revealed that German auto parts dealer Continental reportedly intends to acquire 17% of Osram's shares in Siemens in the summer of 2016, but it seems to have failed.

The report pointed out that the German horse brand offered to buy Siemens up to 17% of OSRAM holdings at a price of 50 euros per share, which may also be the last chance for OSRAM to continue as a German business. From June to August 2016, Osram's stock price usually fluctuated between 42.58 and 51 euros.

German horse brand, Osram and Siemens have no comment on media reports.

So far, Osram and Sanan Optoelectronics have discussed M & A issues. It is rumored that Jinshajiang Group is also interested in mergers and acquisitions.

A stream of Chinese buyers flocked to acquire German high-tech companies, allowing the German government to consider whether to protect German key technology companies slightly.

Osram is a front-line manufacturer of automotive lighting. It also continues to develop products including LED automotive headlights, and Lidar's laser diodes (LD) for autonomous light detection and range scanning.