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Harness Cost Savings Opportunities Through Procurement Outsourcing

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For most companies which sourcing from China, identify, assess and select one of right Outsourcing service

partner is a critical factors for  success in outsourcing decisions.

Procurement outsourcing is a suitable solution to unlock hidden savings potential, This involves outsourcing the strategic and operational procurement activities of purchasing.

If it is not cost-effective to set up your own procurement organisation for strategic sourcing in procurement, procurement outsourcing is a cost-effective and attractive alternative. We take over your strategic and operational purchasing and create the optimum conditions to increase your procurement performance.

By outsourcing your spending requirements, you have more time for your core activities.

How do we do it?

Firstly, we assess your current situation, identify and assess the right category. We then work with you to define core processes for strategic and operational procurement. We also develop a set of rules with a distribution of tasks and responsibilities for carrying out the procurement in the context of procurement outsourcing. The implementation phase is supported by a tried and tested e-procurement tool, which ensures maximum efficiency, transparency and data security throughout the entire procurement process.

What are the benefits?

The key benefits of outsourcing indirect procurement in comparison to managing one`s own procurement organisation include:

Share the professional outsourcing service from Hay Think expertise Team

Share the same supplier base as of Fortune Global 500 Companies in China

Achieve cost saving & value creation with us and premium suppliers in China

Reduce cost and time dramatically on global traveling

Rapid response

You don`t need trading companies can do business with manufacturers directly

Preventive Quality Control Plan reduce quality failure cost and risks

Purchasing orders can be monitored and followed up On Time Delivery guaranteed

Minimized Total Cost of Ownership 

Allow you to focus on your core business

Eliminate FTE costs including turnover costs

Reduce risks

Specialized and highly skilled procurement professionals

Procurement negotiation experts proven to be more effective and profitable

Cost reduction from head count, training, office space and computerization.

Market leverage allowing for better discounts.

Transaction cost per purchase are lowered by economies of scale.

Marketing knowledge of which suppliers are best for each product to be purchased.

Improved communication between purchasing experts and the company staff.

Better management information and purchasing analysis is available for people who understand the purchasing environment.

Negotiation by an expert in the field is often more effective and profitable.

Your company can achieve sustainable competitive advantdges