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To explain this concept, we must first understand what is a supply chain? According to the definition of SCOR® [Supply Chain Operation Reference Model] of the International Supply Chain Association [Supply-Chain Council]:

Supply chain is a system composed of organizations, people, activities, information and resources, etc., which involves the entire process of transferring products or services from suppliers to customers.

This end-to-end supply chain diagram includes the entire process from the raw material supplier to the end user: planning, purchasing, manufacturing, delivery, return. Any process of each subject is like a lock on the chain. If there is a problem in one link, the entire chain will be impacted to varying degrees.

Supply Chain strategy Management

Supply Chain Vision

Our goal is to establish Hay Think`s Supplier as the leader in global manufacturing and deliver the highest customer value. We will implement a lean, integrated Supply Chain with 6 Sigma levels of performance for:

• On-Time Delivery

• On-Time Shipment

• Percent of Spend on Pull Replenishment

• Record Accuracy

• Inventory Turns

• Point of Use Availability

The supply chain will safely deliver top-quality products at the lowest cost while increasing our velocity; thus generating a competitive advantage through superior supply chain execution.

As one of the core Hay Production System (HPS) business processes, the Supply Chain / Materials Management process is a key enabler to other core processes such as Order Management and Finished Goods Distribution.

Supply Chain Strategies

Push to Pull Replenishment Strategy 

Supplier Collaboration

Total Cost of Ownership

Unlock hidden value

The supply chain system of an enterprise organization is complex, and its many functional departments need to be carefully coordinated according to the company's business model and competitive positioning.

Hay Think's supply chain strategy management consulting team helps senior managers to align supply chain capabilities and operating models with their business strategies. We carry out comprehensive strategic planning for the supply chain to release the hidden value of the connection points between functions and value chain partners.

This approach combines process, organization, technology, and performance measurement to help executives understand the trade-off between cost and flexibility to deal with the profit pressures they may face. We also address these balancing issues to achieve the ideal balance between cost and service levels throughout the supply chain.

Hay Think works closely with customers to provide innovative lean supply chain strategies and solutions for profitable growth.

Hay Think works with customers in many industries to provide innovative supply chain strategies to achieve profitable growth in new and existing markets.


In today's unstable [VUCA business era] and increasingly digital global business environment, companies need fewer supply chains and more supply networks-able to move quickly and flexibly and take advantage of new innovations and the digital revolution. Most of the existing supply chain strategies are based on assumed stability, and are designed to plan, produce and deliver in a timely manner to ensure lean operations and inventory. Now, this hard-earned stability may actually hinder a company's rapid response to a changing business environment. New technologies such as social, mobile, analytics and cloud [SMAC] may disrupt supply chain operations, but they can also create opportunities to capture new market share, reduce costs and gain greater supply chain control. While some organizations are trying to withstand this digital revolution, others are analyzing the status quo and gaining a competitive advantage.

Hay Think Supply Chain Strategy is committed to helping customers achieve high performance through supply chain management, combining global industry experience and supply chain strategic skills to help companies transform their supply chain capabilities. We work with customers to implement innovative solutions and coordinate operating models to support business strategies, optimize global operations, and improve the skills and capabilities of supply chain employees. We are firmly based on business strategy and technology strategy, let us pay close attention to the use of technology, not only to achieve business strategy, but also to help shape and promote business strategy.


Hay Think strategic supply chain management consulting services provide unparalleled industry experience, capabilities and insights to help clients create long-term profitability and shareholder value by developing dynamic operations and supply networks.

Our service offerings are truly different in the market because they embody all the capabilities needed to drive an end-to-end, value-based approach. We understand strategy, understand industry and business functions, and understand technology. When working with Hay Think, customers have access to hundreds of experienced, skilled supply chain strategies, innovation and process consulting, and technical capabilities resources around the world. Our clients span a variety of industries and solve key business issues for them, such as:

Achieve growth and respond quickly to market changes

Configure a supply network that meets business needs;

Speed up time to market;

Get end-to-end visibility;

Short-term fluctuation management;

Improve supply chain competitiveness through

Reduce the complexity of the supply chain;

Inventory optimization

Reduce costs to increase profitability;

Balance digital technology to create a competitive advantage.


Hay Think provides supply chain strategic management consulting services to address all aspects of the supply chain transformation process, including strategy, operating models, processes and technical support:

Supply chain vision and strategy

Supply chain strategy design and transformation of corporate vision into supply chain strategy based on corporate operating environment to achieve high performance in traditional supply chain and service operations.

Supply chain operation model

Build a blueprint closely linked to the supply chain vision for efficient supply chain processes and execution.

Supply chain value conversion and optimization

Unleash the value in supply chain processes and service operations through the transformation process and determine the critical path of value.

Control tower design and value realization

Hay Think believes control tower modeling is critical for businesses to succeed in a new, unstable environment.

Redesigned operating model

Adjust the company's broader operating model and supply chain strategy to increase efficiency across the value chain.

Analysis and performance management

Use real-time data analysis and other resources to help understand supply chain-driven costs and facilitate informed supply chain decisions.

Global footprint strategy and network design

Coordinate supply chain, supplier base and customer footprint to meet current demand and growth position.