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Boosting Your Effective Sourcing Capabilities And  The Change Start With Hay Think...

Creating Value Through Procurement Sourcing Value Added Solutions & Service

Who We Serve

The companies are sourcing or plan to sourcing from China directly and by themselve, No matter with long-tern and stable sourcing demand or case by case.

What We Do

We can deliver the custom sourcing & procurement support service and solutions for the all the categories sourcing from China, play a role as your sourcing partner or office in China.

Savings-Focused Procurement Sourcing Services

Sourcing Process Management

New Project Introduction Management

Strategic Sourcing Support Service

Spend Analysis

Sourcing & Procurement Cost Management

Strategic Negotiation Management

Supplier Selection Decision & Smart Contracting

Supplier Risk Management


Operations-Focused Procurement Outsourcing Services

Supplier On-Site Assessment and Audit

Purchasing Order Monitoring

Engineering Change Management

Contract Management

Samples Follow Up, Inspection and Processing Documents Assessment

Product Molds & Tools Management

Pre-shipment Insepction Service

Supplier Performance Evaluation & Audit

Value Added Logistics Service


Cooperation Type

The cooperation based on Mutual trust, win-win and Long term or based on project.

Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

As one of the leading procurement service providers, Hay Think offers point solutions, integrated services and custom sourcing solutions and service. Together, we can build the best approach to suit your specific strategic, operational and financial objectives.

Hay Think`s capabilities on Strategic Sourcing & Procuremnet Expertise 

Our Expertises

Hay Think provides clients a flexible set of procurement sourcing options, custom configured to meet  specific needs. Hay Think is committed to bring together the most comprehensive procurement services portfolio in the industry, innovative sourcing strategies, and tailored solutions.

I:Strategic Sourcing & Procurement Management

Advanced Strategic Management Skills and Concepts From Global Top 10 Strategic Sourcing Consulting Companies.

Strategic Sourcing Best Practices

The Best Practices and Lesson Learn From Fortune Global Top 100 Companies.

II:Sourcing & Procurement Excellent Management

Category Excellent Management

With The Same Supplier Base of Fortune Global 500 Companies in China & Supply Market Innovation Management

III: Sourcing & Procurement Strategies And Tools

60+Sourcing Strategies and Tools for Reduce Costs and Increase Value With Suppliers

IV: Sourcing & Procurement Excellence Management

Project Management

Cost Drivers Modeling

Strategic Negotiation Panel

Supplier Excellent Management

Quality Excellent Management

Supply Chain Excellent Management


New Sourcing & Procurement Project Schedule & Action Plan

Recommend Potential Qualified Suppliers for Better Options

Supplier On-Site Assessment and Audit Report

Cost Modeling and Cost Information Sharing

Strategic Negotiation Preparation and Implementation

Supplier CoQ, Selection Decision Matrix

Smart Contracting

Purchasing Order Follow Up and Monitoring

Enngineering Management If Necessary

Samples Inspection Before Shipping

Manufacturing Process Document Assessment

Quality Control Process Document Assessment

Product Molds & Tooling Management

Pre-shipment Inspection

Necessary Certificates Obtained

Supplier Performance Data Collection

Supplier Performance Evaluation & Audit

Value Added Logistics Service As Requested


The entire Strategic Sourcing & Procurement process is completely transparent

Share the strategic sourcing & procurement outsourcing service from Hay Think expertise Team

Share the same supplier base as of Fortune Global 500 Companies in China

Achieve cost saving & value creation with us and premium suppliers in China

Reduce cost and time dramatically on global traveling

Rapid response

You don`t need trading companies can do business with manufacturers directly

Preventive Quality Control Plan reduce quality failure cost and risks

Purchasing orders can be monitored and followed up On Time Delivery guaranteed

Minimized Total Cost of Ownership 

Allow you to focus on your core business

Eliminate costs including turnover costs

Reduce supply risks

Specialized and highly skilled procurement professionals

Procurement negotiation experts proven to be more effective and profitable

Cost reduction from head count, training, office space and computerization.

Market leverage allowing for better discounts.

Transaction cost per purchase are lowered by economies of scale.

Marketing knowledge of which suppliers are best for each product to be purchased.

Improved communication between purchasing experts and the company staff.

Better management information and purchasing analysis is available for people who understand the purchasing environment.

Negotiation by an expert in the field is often more effective and profitable.

Your company can achieve sustainable competitive advantdges