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Conduct systematically assessment to a new supplier is a critical start step for supplier excellence management

No matter for new suppliers or for current suppliers, conduct regular on-site assessment is necessary for supplier excellence management.

Supplier assessment is gathering specific information about suppliers and their business through questionnaires. It is the process of asking users, both internal and external, questions for specific information.

Supplier assessment is carried out to evaluate a supplier, based on the specific requirements of the buyer organization.

For example, if a supplier lists their association to a specific category of materials during registration, then the supplier can be asked questions on the category of materials.

The requirements are transformed into questions in a questionnaire that the internal and external users must answer.

Each requirement type has a questionnaire that is associated to it.

Struacture Of The Assessment System

Potential New Supplier Basic Information Investigation 

Collect basic information for new suppliers

Supplier Vision, Strategies, Culture

Supplier shareholding structure and management system

Financial conditions

Cost modeling and cost management capabilities

Personnel and employees structure information

Sales and market information[Customers Reference: If any customers among Fortune Global 500 Companies]

Technical and R&D capabilities potential assessment

Supply Chain Management

Lean Production Management System

Product capabilities assessment[Core producing equipments list, Production capacity...]

Quality Management System[Certificates, Quality process capabilities planning, controlling tools...]

HES Management Systems

Inspection and test capabilities


Initiating Supplier Assessments

You can initiate a supplier assessment for potential new suppliers or current suppliers based on monitoring criteria.

Preparation of Assessment Questionnaires & Assessment Checklist Form

We should get the Questionnaires & Assessment Checklist Form ready before visiting a supplier.

Supplier Assessment Participants

The sourcing engineer assembles an appropriate assessment and audit team, ideally consisting of representatives from Quality, Engineering, Materials, and Purchasing, and schedules the on-site assessment. 


Editing Master Data

We would edit the Master Supplier Assessment Checklist Form and collect the information and conduct fact check on site.

Supplier Assessment Timeline 

We would plan the timeline , when the supplier assessment activity is Started, In-progress, or Finished.

Reopening Assessments

We would reopen an assessment when the information provided by a supplier is not clear or is contradicting between internal and external respondents.

Approving Supplier Assessments

After the supplier assessment is reviewed by the customer and no further modification, then customer should approve the supplier assessment.

Releasing Supplier Assessments Report

We would release a supplier assessment report immdieatly once finished the on-site assessment and audit

Supplier On-site Assessment Report

360 degree information on suppliers, this is the base for 

Strategic sourcing planning

Category planning

Sourcing strategies planning

Strategic negotiation planning

Supplier excellence management

Supplier Relationship Management planning