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Global leading Photovoltaic Ribbon Sunwire,Round,square,flat,rectangle and other custom shaped wires,Oxygen-free copper tubes,MIG welding tubes and profile tubes,Rods,Bars,Strip and Tape manufacturer and supplier Hay:A03UKLT

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UKLT is a combination of metallurgical expertise, application know-how and close customer relationships coming together to make the most of metal.

We focus on offering complex, high-quality metal products along with superior technical support that lend significant value. We develop new solutions in partnership with our customers to overcome the challenges facing industries including automotive, science, electronics, power generation and distribution, renewable energy , healthcare, metals and mining.

With an extensive list of capabilities including annealing, cold forming, drawing, machining, billet and continuous extruding and continuous casting, we can manufacture the customized solution that is just right for you.

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Copper Anodes

Balls, slugs, mini-slugs, plates, ovals, hexagonals, dogbones and other custom shaped anodes

Hollow Copper Conductors

Internally cooled conductors: square, rectangular and other custom shapes and sizes

Metallurgical Components

Cooling elements, copper staves, slag runners, sand cast cooling elements and other induction furnace components

OFE Copper Products

High-purity, certified grade OFE copper rods, tubes and wires

Photovoltaic Ribbon Sunwire

Solder alloy coated thin copper ribbon

Profiles and Specialities

Motor and generator components, customised profiles and commutator copper

Rods, bars, strips and tapes


Niobium-titanium (NbTi) and niobium-tin (Nb3Sn) based superconducting wires and cables


Oxygen-free copper tubes, MIG welding tubes and profile tubes

Ultra Pure Copper Products

Sputtering targets, anodes, ingots, pellets and semi-finished components made from ultra pure copper

Welding Products

Resistance-welding electrode caps, welding wire, MIG-welding contact tips and other welding accessories


Round, square, flat, rectangle and other custom shaped wires