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China leading titanium matrix Composite parts, Titanium alloy / steel composite tube sheet, Tantalum / zirconium / titanium, zirconium titanium composite sheet, stainless steel / carbon steel composites manufacturer and supplier Hay:D04NJBT

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NJBT Special Alloy Technology Group is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D, design, production and sales of non-ferrous metal precision machining, metal matrix composite materials and non-ferrous metal products.

The company consists of AHBT Special Materials Co., Ltd., Special Metal Materials Division, Pipe and Pipe Fitting Division, and Military Products Division.

The company passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification, with a non-ferrous metal material production license; metal explosive composite material safety registration certificate; A1, A2 pressure vessel manufacturing license; A1, A2 pressure vessel design license; ASME U stamp; Non-ferrous metal pressure pipeline manufacturing license; ABS classification society design license and other qualifications, and participated in the editing and review of industry technical standards such as "Titanium Pressure Vessel", "Zirconium Pressure Vessel", "Explosive Welding Composite Plate for Pressure Vessel" Formulate.

It has formed a relatively complete industrial chain from non-ferrous metal plates, pipes, rods, forgings, castings and other materials processing-→ metal composite materials-→ product manufacturing.


Titanium plates, zirconium plates, tantalum plates, nickel plates, rolled titanium anode plates, titanium rods, titanium flat rods, non-ferrous thick-walled tubes and precision castings, titanium tubes, welded rolled tubes, welded tubes, titanium welding wires, zirconium ingots Titanium casting, zirconium casting...

Metal Explosive Metal Matrix Composite Materials

Titanium matrix Composite head 

Titanium alloy matrix composites

Titanium matrix alloy / steel composite tube sheet

Steel matrix composite tube sheet

Titanium / steel composite tube sheet

Titanium / steel composites for 600,000-kilowatt units in the steam turbine industry

Titanium / steel composites for PTA project

Titanium / steel (TA1 + 16MnR) composite board for PTA project

Tantalum / zirconium / titanium / steel four-layer board

zirconium / titanium/ steel composite board

MONEL400  matrix composite board

S30403 / SA516Gr70 composite board

304 + SA516-60 stainless steel compound

AL-6XN / CS stainless steel / carbon steel composite board

 Zirconium / titanium / steel three-layer composite board

Tantalum / zirconium /titanium steel composite board

Stainless steel / clad plate finished head

Titanium / steel explosion-rolled composite plate


NJBT has long-term cooperation with special materials research institutes to jointly conduct research on basic theories, technological process innovation, processing and manufacturing, development and application of non-ferrous metal materials. R & D institutions such as "Enterprise Academician Workstation", "Provincial Postdoctoral Workstation", "Rare and Precious Metal Explosion Compound Engineering Technology Research Center", and "Enterprise Technology Center" have been established successively to carry out in-depth technological innovation and product innovation, and obtained the titanium composite tube army The second prize of scientific and technological progress, the third prize of large area multi-layer zirconium titanium steel explosive composite board China Nonferrous Metals Industry Science and Technology Award, and has won more than 40 national technology patents. The company's high-tech characteristic products: non-ferrous wide plates under 2200mm; large-area multi-layer special metal composite materials; non-ferrous metal large-diameter thick-walled seamless pipes; special metals, special-structure localized large-scale equipment and other high-tech products in energy and petrochemical , Chemical industry, environmental protection, electricity, nuclear power, metallurgy, water conservancy, high-speed rail, highway transportation, electronics, food, IT, marine, military, aerospace and other industries are widely used.