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China rare earth aluminum sheets, strips and foils, Aluminum alloy composite strip, plate and foil, Micro-alloying and microstructural composite aluminum plates and foils, high-precision aluminum advection porous tube manufacturer and supplier Hay:A03JSCL

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Founded in 1987, JSCL Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research, development, production, processing and sales of aluminum foil, coated aluminum foil for air conditioners, and aluminum sheet and strip. The company's headquarters covers an area of ​​about 240,000 square meters, a construction area of ​​about 100,000 square meters, a total asset of 6 billion yuan, and a registered capital of 720 million yuan. It was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2007 and is mainly engaged in the production of aluminum sheets, aluminum strips and aluminum foil R & D, processing and sales. The company is a provincial high-tech enterprise and a backbone enterprise in China's non-ferrous metal processing industry.

The company's main products are aluminum foil for air-conditioning radiators, aluminum materials for automotive heat exchangers, PS plate bases, shutters, thin plates and other alloy products. Relying on a strong R & D team and advanced scientific research capabilities in the industry, the company's products are exported to more than 30 worldwide Country and region.

Award-winning products:

1. Hydrophilic coated aluminum foil (National key industrial test project in 1994)

2. Technical transformation project of hydrophilic coating aluminum foil and hot-rolled billet (2001 national key technological transformation "double high and one excellent" project)

3. Rare earth high-performance continuous casting and rolling aluminum sheets, strips and foils (2002 provincial “Tenth Five-Year Plan” major scientific and technological research project, 2004, 2006 National Torch Plan project)

4. Coated aluminum foil for foam board (2006 provincial key technological innovation project)

5. Aluminum alloy foil for brazed heat exchanger (2009, 2013 provincial key technological innovation project)

6. Aluminum alloy foil for honeycomb core (2009 provincial second batch of key new product plan projects)

7. Aluminum alloy composite plate and foil for brazed heat exchanger (2013 provincial key technology innovation project)

8. 5XXX series high-performance hard alloy strip (2009 provincial key technology innovation project)

9. High corrosion-resistant, high-lubricity, high-hydrophilicity coated aluminum foil for air conditioner heat sink

10. Aluminum alloy composite strip for power plant air-cooled islands (2010 provincial key technology innovation project)

11. Micro-alloying and microstructure control of composite aluminum plates and foils for brazed heat exchangers (Prospective joint research project of provincial industry-university-research institute in 2011)

12. Continuous extrusion high-precision advection porous tube product development (2011 provincial key technology innovation project)

13. Aluminum alloy strip for printing plate base (2011 provincial key technology innovation project)

In August 2014, the company acquired 100% equity of SDXH Heat Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. through capital market mergers and acquisitions, and began to provide high-frequency welded aluminum tubes for automotive cooling systems to domestic-funded and joint venture mid- to high-end automobile manufacturers.