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High-precision non-ferrous alloy strip, bar, precision thin fine wire manufacturer invests in an annual output of 50,000 tons of special alloy strip Hay:A03NBBW

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On February 26, China`s high-precision non-ferrous alloy strip, bar, and wire manufacturer NBBW Alloy Material Technology Group announced that the company will invest 1.48 billion yuan to build a special alloy strip project with an annual output of 50,000 tons.

About NBBW Alloy Material Technology Group

Founded in 1992, NBBW Alloy Materials Technology Group owns three major industrial parks, BWYL, BWBH and BWET (Germany), covering an area of 364,400 square meters, with more than 3,000 employees. The company was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in January 2011.


Alloy Bars & Wires

Copper Alloy for Precision Moulds

High-end Special Alloy Pen Material

Brass Alloy Material

Bar & Wire Products-Nickel Silver Alloy Material

Bronze Alloy Material

Bar & Wire Products-Special Alloy Material

Bar & Wire Products-High Strength High Conductivity Alloy Material

Enviroment Friendly Alloy Materrial

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High-strength High-conductivity Copper Chromium Zirconium Alloy Strips

High Precision High Performance Copper Nickel Tin Strips

High-strength High-conductivity Copper Nickel Silicon Strips

High-conductivity High-softening Cu-Fe Strips

High Precision High Performance Nickel Silver Strip

High Performance High Precision Phosphor Bronze Strips

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The company has the first batch of "Innovative Enterprises", "National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise", "National Certified Enterprise Technology Center", National "Postdoctoral Research Station", "National Accredited Laboratory", "National Local Joint Engineering Research Center", etc. The R & D and innovation platform is a national "high-tech enterprise", a director unit of the International Nonferrous Metal Processing Association (IWCC) and a member of the technical committee, and has become a high-end alloy material intelligent manufacturing enterprise. In recent years, more than 50 new material innovation projects have been completed, and 92 invention patents have been declared, of which 49 authorized national invention patents and 3 international invention patents have become national intellectual property advantage enterprises; the company leads or participates in China's nonferrous alloy rods and wires The compilation of 18 national standards and 4 industry standards has promoted the rapid development of China's non-ferrous alloy material industry.

The company is committed to the research, development, production and sales of high-performance, high-precision non-ferrous alloy strips, bars, wires and new materials; research and development of innovative functional series alloy materials, environmental protection series alloy materials, alternative series alloy materials and energy-saving series alloy materials, applications In more than 30 industries such as aerospace, high-speed trains, electronic communications, integrated circuits, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding industry, construction machinery, household appliances, etc.