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Automotive Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics-CFRP parts, Airbus carbon fiber structural parts, Rapid Multiinjection Compression Process-RMCP top manufacturer and supplier Hay:D02JSHR

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JSHR Carbon Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. is a world-leading technology-based enterprise, established in 2005, mainly engaged in the research and development and manufacturing of carbon fiber composite material parts products. The products are mainly for automobile manufacturing, industrial robots, high-end digital, medical equipment, high-end consumer goods, sports and leisure products and many other industries and fields.

 JSHR Carbon Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. parent company HR Group Division has many branches in Asia and Europe, with offices in Germany and Barcelona, ​​Spain, and new material research and development centers, and will gradually achieve global strategic layout based on continuous business expansion .

JSHR's advanced composite material technology center was jointly built by HR Group and the German Carbon Fiber Composite Materials Research Institute.

JSHR is one of the few companies in the world that is capable of mass production of continuous carbon fiber reinforced thermosetting resin-based composite materials (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics-CFRP). The parent company of the company, HR Group, is a supplier of carbon fiber structural components for Airbus, the founder of Rapid Multiinjection Compression Process (RMCP) and a supplier of automotive CFRP components. KP Group of Spain has established a close Strategic partnership, covering exclusive patent technology transfer, equipment purchase, exclusive agency rights and many other fields, which also makes JSHR the only two in the world, the only one in Asia with thermosetting carbon fiber composite structural parts (such as car chassis and wheels ) The company of rapid batch molding and manufacturing technology has a highly automated production line that is rare in the industry and designed with the concept of lean production. It is currently in an absolute technological leading position in the global composite material industry.