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The leading large-size and wide & thin-wall precision extruded aluminium profiles/panels manufacturer Hay:T06ZLSP

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ZLSP Aluminum Tech Group was established in 2011, ZLSP adopted SAPA advanced Extruded Solutions and aiming at creating a world class precision extruded aluminium profiles and fabrication company.

ZLSP business scope covers extrusion, heat treatment, FSW and CNCmachining, focus on producing and design aluminum profiles and panels forrolling stock and other areas in transportation. The products already applied in rolling stock, trailer,Aviation and marine successfully. Meanwhile, ZLSP provide aluminum solutions for transportation with customer oriental service.

ZLSP established a strategic partnership with CSR and CNR, to take full advantage of Sapa advanced Extruded Solutions and has built long term cooperation with Alston, Bombardier and Siemens, and to develop global rail transport market synchronizing with CSR and CNR based in China.

Precision Thin-wall Extruded Aluminium Profiles Solution

The company is equipped with 12000 tons of large-scale press, it can satisfy the production of large complex profile, meanwhile another 6500 tons press line will set up as supplementary equipment in further. And match up with 8000 tons press currently, we will turn into the leader of extrusion industry.

Large-scale & thin-wall precision extruded aluminium profiles.jpg

Production Capability

Max width of profile 750 mm

Profile weight max 70 kg / m

Profile weight min 8 kg / m

Delivery length of profile upto 30000 mm

Product specification

Rectangle (max width × height) 750 × 50 mm

                 (width × max height) 350 × 430 mm

Round (max diameter) Φ440 mm

FSW Solution

Sapa is the sole enterprise that possesses the technology of batch manufacturing FSW module among worldwide competitors. In 2011, the long length FSW is installed in ZLSP. This FSW is the largest professional double –side welding equipment in the world. The max. Typical specification of its FSW panel is: 26 meters in length, 3.5 meters in width, 150 millimeter in height.

FSW Solution.jpg

The metallographic structure of a FSW weld seam has very small grains. This leads to better mechanical properties than other welding methods.


IATF16949 quality management system certification

CCS China Classification Society Certification

EN15085 certification

ISO9001 quality management system certification

ISO22163-International Railway Industry Standard Certification

DNV certification

ABS American Bureau of Shipping certification

LR Lloyd's Register

ISO14001 Environmental Management System