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Precision machining aviation, automotive components and parts, difficult-to-cut materials (such as nickel-based alloys, titanium alloys), High precision tooling manufacturer and supplier Hay:T09WXBS

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WXBS Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province, which was established in May 1997. The company's main business is research and development, production and sales of various precision parts and fixture products. The company's main products are turbocharger precision bearing parts, turbocharger impellers, turbocharger intermediate shells, engine block and other key automotive parts, seat components such as aircraft cabin parts and automotive, rail transportation, etc. Field fixtures.

The company is a strategic partner of the turbocharger industry leader Garrett.

The company also uses the technical advantages formed in the field of precision parts processing and the flexible processing capabilities of automated production lines to supply precision parts for high-end manufacturing fields such as pneumatic tools and refrigeration compressors.

Precision machining capabilities

For more than 20 years, it has provided tens of millions of various precision parts for the automotive, communications, pneumatic tools, air-conditioning and refrigeration, medical equipment and other industries. The excellent quality and active and timely supply capabilities have been consistent with domestic and foreign customers. Praise, the company has hundreds of CNC integrated processing equipment imported from Germany, Japan and other places. The reason why we can quickly deliver samples to customers and meet their small batch orders, largely thanks to our long-established Complete industrial chain and strong technological equipment support. The inspiration for technology comes from successful practice. The demand for practice at the same time promotes the progress of technology. In the interactive development of the two industries of tooling and processing, Best has shown customers perfect technical ideas and rich experience.

Core competitiveness, providing customers with a complete "one-stop service"

+ Comprehensive quality advanced planning and project management capability (APQP) led by experienced engineering team.

+ The world-renowned testing instruments enable us to have perfect inspection methods.

+ Owned non-ferrous precision die-casting and comprehensive supporting capabilities of various raw materials in the strategic alliance system.

+ Comprehensive manufacturing capacity from Φ1mm ~ Φ540mm turned parts to ≤4000x2000x1000mm large parts.

+ Turning-High-volume production of micron tolerance parts.

+ Rich experience in machining difficult-to-cut materials (such as nickel-based alloys and titanium alloys).

+ Passed multiple quality assurance systems.

+ Leading domestic tooling fixture design and manufacturing capabilities.


Turbocharger Components and Parts business is the company's main business. In 2005, the company entered the automotive turbocharger parts processing field. The main products offered are:

(1) Impeller

Impeller——The core component of automotive turbocharger. It can be divided into casting impeller and fully processed impeller according to different production processes. The company's impeller automated production unit has introduced world-leading processing equipment and testing equipment, and its product accuracy and production capacity are at the leading position at home and abroad. Designed production capacity of 6 million pieces.

(2) Middle shell

Middle shell-the core component of automotive turbocharger. In 2012, the company's black foundry was put into production, and the Dongjiu horizontal molding line introduced had an annual production capacity of 9,000 tons. The intermediate shell researched and developed by the company realizes the integrated supply capability from casting to machining. At the same time, combining its own automatic design and research and development capabilities, it independently establishes an intermediate shell automated production and processing unit to ensure the stability of product quality to a greater extent. The company's intermediate shell products are sold worldwide and have received unanimous praise and recognition from our customers. The annual production capacity is 6 million pieces.

(3) Precision bearing parts

The company's precision bearing automation workshop now has 45 imported automated and integrated high-precision turning centers and center hole honing equipment. It mainly produces turbocharger bearings and thrust parts, as well as variable cross section fuel injection ring parts. Processed materials include special materials such as aluminum, copper (lead and lead-free), alloy steel, stainless steel, and nickel-based alloys. The annual output is 16 million pieces.

(4) Gear shaft

Variable section turbocharger transmission gear shaft is one of the core components of variable section turbocharger. Variable section turbocharger relies on the gear on the precision gear shaft to drive the shaft and transmit torque to the fork. The fork adjusts the size of the cross section of the nozzle ring to control the amount of intake air, so that the impeller can rotate under pressure at various speeds of the engine in a timely manner, so that the turbocharger can quickly intervene in the work and improve the power and efficiency of the engine. The company uses core technologies such as high-precision sector gear forming and grinding technology, pressure assembly digital quality monitoring technology, new forming grinding wheel dressing technology, irregular slender shaft outer circle cut-in grinding technology, and martensitic stainless steel hole honing technology after quenching. , Effectively improve production efficiency and ensure product accuracy.

(5) Compressor casing

Compressor casings are mainly used for turbocharger casings. They are made of aluminum alloy as raw materials and are manufactured through casting and precision machining. Relying on the core technology that has been accumulated for many years, the company has realized the automatic upgrade of production units and production lines through industry-leading equipment for core making, pouring, cleaning, machining, and testing.

Automotive Engine Components and Parts

Automotive engine parts cover the entire process from die-casting to processing. We have advanced equipment and processing technology to perfectly meet and exceed customer needs

Aviation Components & Parts

The company provides various types of aircraft cabin parts for American BE, and its end customers are well-known companies such as Boeing and Airbus. The company has rich experience in aviation aluminum processing, such as 2024, 6061, 7055, 7075 and other series.

New energy and electric vehicle parts

The company has introduced internationally advanced machining equipment to form various flexible production lines. At present, the precision parts production technology of vacuum booster pumps in China has been at the leading level.

(1) Hydrogen-fueled electric turbine compressor housing

With independent intellectual property rights, the first domestic fuel cell air pump solves the key technical problems that exist only in product manufacturing, ensuring product accuracy and the normal operation of the fuel cell air pump system, thereby increasing the service life of the engine.

(2) Hydrogen fuel impeller

The core components of new energy vehicles rely on the company's world-leading processing equipment, testing equipment, product accuracy and production capacity, so that products are at the leading position at home and abroad.

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