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The leading ultrafine electrolytic copper powder and solder powder supplier Hay:A05BJYY

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BJYY Metal Powder Technology Corporation is committed to the R&D and production of high-quality metal powder materials.

It is the Hidden champions in the field of copper based metal powder materials and tin based welding powder materials in China.

BJYY has a national level metal powder material industry technology research institute, as well as multiple innovation platforms such as the Metal Powder Engineering Technology Research Center, the Metal Powder Engineering Center of the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, the Additive Manufacturing Innovation Center, and the Advanced Metal Material Application Technology Joint Laboratory.

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Electrolytic copper powder

Atomized Copper Powder

Copper alloy powder

Copper coated graphite powder

Copper coated iron powder

Ultrafine tin based alloy welding powder

Infiltration copper powder

FeCu Pre-alloy powder

Extra fine Pre-alloyed powder

Extra fine copper powder

Extra fine cobalt powder

CuSn Diffusion powder


After years of technological innovation and accumulation, the company has mastered the preparation technology of spherical metal powder materials, high-quality electrolytic copper powder green preparation technology, design and preparation technology of a series of lead-free and environmentally friendly microelectronic welding powder materials, diffusion/composite powder material homogenization preparation technology, ultrafine metal powder material preparation technology 3D printing powder material preparation technology and high-performance powder metallurgy hollow camshaft preparation technology are core technologies for non-ferrous metal powder preparation. We have over 100 authorized patents, have led or participated in drafting more than 20 national industry standards, and have undertaken or participated in the implementation of more than 50 provincial and ministerial level projects. We have won one second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award.

The products are mainly used in powder metallurgy, superhard tools, microelectronic packaging, friction materials, catalysts, electrical alloys, carbon products, conductive materials, thermal management materials, 3D printing and other fields. Their end products are widely used in fields such as automobiles, high-speed rail, machinery, aviation, aerospace, chemical engineering, electronic information, etc.