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TRUMPF to launch TruPrint 3000, a larger metal 3D printer

time:2016-12-13 browse:7672次

In less than a month, all major industrial-grade 3D printer manufacturers, suppliers and partners will gather in Frankfurt, Germany to participate in the annual Formnext Expo. There, 3D printing enthusiasts will be expected to see some exciting new products and innovations, some of which have now been released. For example, German laser equipment maker Trumpf has announced that it will officially launch a new metal 3D printer at Formnext 2016.

It is understood that this upcoming 3D printer, called Truprint 3000, is said to be equipped with a 500-watt laser (the company's previous TruPrint 1000 3D printer is equipped with a 200W laser), and its maximum 3D printing size also enables Eye-catching-300 mm (diameter) x 400 mm (height). In short, TRUMPF's latest additive manufacturing equipment will be bigger and better than any of the company's previous metal 3D printing systems.

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It is reported that this 3D printer will further expand the application scope of TRUMPF's laser metal fusion (LMF) technology. Its target application markets will include automotive, aerospace, dental and medical industries.

TruPrint 3000 prototype

Commenting on the new machine, Peter Leibinger, Chairman of TRUMPF Lasers and Systems, said: "TruPrint 3000 will enable us to focus on the industrialization of additive manufacturing through a completed process chain. We are not only thinking about manufacturing The technology itself also includes upstream and downstream businesses. "According to TRUMPF, the new Truprint 3000's high print quality and reusable powder make it ideal for batch manufacturing.

I remember at the Formnext Expo last year, TRUMPF launched several metal 3D printers: TruPrint 1000, TruLaser Cell 7040 and TruLaser Cell 3000 LMD. We are looking forward to the German 3D printer maker to have a better performance in this year's Formnext (November 14-18).