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Toray introduces PICASUS, a resin film with metallic luster

time:2016-12-13 browse:5287次

Toray exhibited one of its products at the internal exhibition "Toray Advanced Materials Exhibition 2016"-a metallic film "PICASUS". According to reports, the product plan can be equipped to the car's taillights. PICASUS has been used in automotive interiors such as interior lighting, and there are no use cases for automotive taillights.

This film is manufactured using Toray's lamination technology for stacking ultra-thin materials. In a thickness of only 0.1mm, 1000 layers of polyester resins with different refractive indices are laminated to give a metallic luster.

Generally, by virtue of its metallic luster, it creates a sense of high-end. When the lights are turned on at night, the light illuminates the surroundings through the film. The PICASUS film has transmissive and reflective properties, so when it is illuminated with an LED light from the back, a special light-emitting method is generated. Because it is a thin film, it can be integrated with other parts to shorten the processing steps. It can also reduce the number of LED lights to achieve energy saving. It also does not contain heavy metals and is environmentally friendly. Since it is a thin film, it cannot be used for complicated shapes such as deep drawing. In addition, because a dedicated film is used, the cost of the tail light itself increases.