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China aluminum profile manufacturer Zhongwang transportation equipment aluminum profile passed assessment of origin protection

time:2016-12-13 browse:4967次

On October 17, the reporter learned from the Liaoyang Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau that the "Zhongwang Transportation Equipment Aluminum Profile" product produced by Liaoning Zhongwang Group Co., Ltd. passed the protection assessment of ecological origin products of the AQSIQ unconditionally. This is the first industrial product in Liaoning Province that has passed the protection assessment of products of ecological origin.

Eco-origin products refer to good ecological products that meet the requirements of environmental protection, low-carbon energy conservation, and resource conservation throughout the production process, and have the characteristics and characteristics of origin. Products that are protected by products of ecological origin can speed up the customs clearance of enterprises' products, help the customs of importing countries to quickly identify imported products, implement import quota management or differential tariff treatment, which is important to enhance the brand influence of enterprises and promote enterprises to explore domestic and foreign markets significance.