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Husky launches upgraded version of Hylectric injection molding machine platform

time:2016-12-13 browse:77714次

Husky Injection Molding Systems has announced an upgraded version of its best-selling Hylectric 4.0 injection molding machine platform. The platform's connectivity, controllability and energy management performance have been enhanced, with greater emphasis on operator comfort. Husky will showcase Hylectric 4.0 and many other technologies at K 2016.

Enhanced connectivity and control

Hylectric injection molding machine has superior hydraulic mechanical mold clamping design, reflective pressure plate and wide tie rod spacing, which makes it superior to similar products in terms of even distribution of mold clamping force and extended mold life. In addition to the above features, Hylectric 4.0 has improved connectivity, data collection capabilities, performance improvements, reduced maintenance, process control, and energy management.

Suitable for many applications

With a range of mold clamping and injection module configurations, Hylectric 4.0 injection molding machines are suitable for many applications, including bottle caps, thin-wall packaging, buckets, cosmetics, personal care products, medical and general packaging.

Hylectric 4.0 combines the best resources of Husky-durable and flexible machine platform, which extends the service life of the mold and provides more precise energy management; better interface connectivity, more convenient management and control, and can greatly improve Operator experience ensures high repeatability of the injection molding process.

Industry 4.0 connectivity

Industry 4.0 is quickly becoming the focus of manufacturing. With the increasing trends in automation, connectivity, and data exchange, Husky has made it possible to use Shotscope on Hylectric 4.0. It helps customers control, improve production processes and optimize overall productivity while ensuring plant connectivity.