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BASF launches two new light stabilizers:Tinuvin® 880 and Tinuvin® XT 55

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BASF held a new media conference on light stabilizers in Shanghai. Joerg Bentlage, Deputy Director of Marketing and Sales, Plastic Additives Business Unit, Asia Pacific, briefed the media on the future development plans of BASF `s Plastic Additives Division and two new light stabilizers: Tinuvin® 880 and Tinuvin® XT 55.

From the data of 2015, Asia accounts for 42% of the global plastic additive market, of which China has the largest share. BASF has the most comprehensive range of plastic additive products in the industry, including light stabilizers, heat stabilizers and antioxidants, flame retardants, other specialty additives and custom blends.

About Tinuvin® 880

Tinuvin® 880 has unparalleled long-lasting UV resistance, which greatly improves the thermal stability of automotive interiors. In addition, the formula design also improves the secondary characteristics, eliminates defects such as mold scale and surface stickiness, and improves various secondary characteristics. Currently Tinuvin® 880 is aimed at automotive interior parts, but customers and themselves are looking forward to exploring more applications.

About Tinuvin® XT 55

Tinuvin® XT 55 is a high-performance light stabilizer mainly used in artificial turf and also in technical textiles in the construction industry. Tinuvin® XT 55 has very little moisture entrainment, which can effectively ensure the normal operation of the production line without interruption. In addition, secondary characteristics such as color stability and resistance to gas fading also benefit formulators to achieve outstanding cost-effectiveness.

Tinuvin® 880 and Tinuvin® XT 55 will be unveiled at the K show in Germany.