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General Electric GE sets up 3D printing company Fuse to experiment with new business ideas

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The largest industrial company in the United States, General Electric (GE), has announced that it has developed a new business model that will double the speed of innovation, making it possible to completely rebuild the entire enterprise.

To this end, GE will set up a new 3D printing company called Fuse next week, which is also an ambitious and radical commercial experiment in a sense. The company's operating model and technology are designed to coordinate the work (or crowdsourcing) of a large number of experts around the world. The GE startup "will embrace the working model we believe belongs to the future," said Dyan Finkhousen, director of GE's open innovation and advanced manufacturing group.

She made the announcement at the Synthesize User Conference in San Francisco, hosted by Brightidea. Brightidea is an enterprise software platform that helps organizations come up with innovative ideas. Finkhousen said the Brightidea platform is important to GE because it supports both internal and external teams.

Finkhousen's team has been working on a tricky question: Why are there so many great ideas, but few successful or even useful?

GE claims that it can cut the process from idea to final product by 50% by automating best practices and a collaborative technology platform that brings together and brings together local talent. According to Tiangongshe, Fuse was established to develop this business idea.

It is said that Finkhousen's team has been developing supported business processes, services and technologies for this new type of enterprise organization for the past four years. Crowd-power is the most important factor in this organization. This organization relies entirely on its internal and external "Crowds of Experts" teams. In GE's vision, "group strength" can not only be a source of creativity, but also be used to develop business models and business plans.

GE believes that Fuse will become a business service platform in the future, connecting innovators and helping them build successful businesses. "We are not innovators. There are many excellent people inside GE, customers, and suppliers. We want to make it easier for these good people to contact other good people and create amazing results." "We've been asking ourselves: How can we achieve the greatest effect? ​​How can we break the gap between creativity and products? Turning to the crowd allows us to enter the market at lightning speed."

According to Tiangongshe, one of the main functions of Fuse to be launched next week is to serve as a 3D printing and micro manufacturing plant to help achieve rapid prototyping of products. Fuse will incorporate "group power" into its business model and business plan.

Fuse is a great experiment that will test GE's "group power" innovative ideas and collaboration technologies. However, Finkhousen acknowledged that no one knew what kind of results this experiment would achieve, because it was unprecedented.