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Chem-Trend Announces Acquisition of Ultrasurge Business of Moulds Plus International

time:2016-12-13 browse:7106次

Chem-Trend announced the acquisition of Ultra Purge business from Moulds Plus International, further enriching its portfolio of products serving the thermoplastic processing industry. The acquisition includes the Ultra Purge brand, product and process technology, and other business assets. The acquisition will help increase Kentian's supply capacity in the thermoplastics market.

Ultra Purge is a cleaning material technology known for its high performance. Its services can cover multiple thermoplastic applications and its products are sold in North America, Europe and parts of Asia and South America.

Moulds Plus Internationa, headquartered in Villarnia, Italy, provides engineering and design services for the plastics industry. The company founded the Ultra Purge brand in 1998. Ultra Purge's range of cleaning materials covers a wide range of thermoplastic applications including injection molding, hot runners, caps and closures, PET preforms, blow extrusion, film extrusion and automotive.

Kentian has more than 55 years of professional experience in the injection molding and foundry industries, with factories on four continents worldwide. Kentian products are used in a variety of applications including composites, rubber, polyurethane molding, high pressure die casting, thermoplastic processing, wood-based panels and tire production.