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Mitsubishi Resin ALPOLIC® series fr photocatalyst coating officially launched

time:2016-12-13 browse:1170次

Mitsubishi Resins Co., Ltd. officially released "ALPOLIC® series / fr photocatalyst coating". This series of products has a self-cleaning effect using oxidative decomposition and hydrophilicity. ALPOLIC® is an aluminum-resin composite board with a three-layer structure using aluminum and core resin on the surface.

The ALPOLIC® series fr photocatalyst coatings formally sold this time are formed on the basis of the traditional strong and durable fluororesin RUMI Freon coating film. The coating can be decomposed and washed away by oxidative decomposition and hydrophilicity, and fully self cleaning Characteristics. The ALPOLIC® series maintains the aesthetics of the exterior with its unique high durability, reducing maintenance costs such as cleaning. In addition, the photocatalyst coating film does not need to be coated at the construction site. Compared with the traditional on-site coating, the construction period is shortened, the coating cost is reduced, and stable product quality can be ensured.

The domestic and international fire rating certification, using ALPOLIC® / fr series of fire-resistant core material (fr core material), and ALPOLIC® / fr SCM products with stainless steel surface treatment are the basic products of Mitsubishi resin. Its characteristics have been widely used.

Characteristics of Photocatalyst Coating Film

Self-cleaning antifouling, high transparency, high durability, no need for on-site coating (pre-coating)

Oxidation decomposition structure diagram

The photocatalyst is irradiated with sunlight and ultraviolet rays, and the negative ions and hydroxide ions of the active acid will react to decompose organic substances. At the same time, when the rain is washed, the hydrophilicity will occur to wash away the stains generated by decomposition. As an exterior, it can effectively prevent rain stains, etc., and maintain the aesthetics of the building.