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High-strength and high-toughness 7XXX series contains scandium aluminum alloy, large-size lightweight high-strength aluminum-lithium alloy forging manufacturer provides high-performance ultra-light magnesium-lithium alloy for China Aerospace Hay:A03ZZQY

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At 4:13 on May 30, my country used the Chang 11 rocket at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center to successfully send the new technology test satellites G and H into scheduled orbits, achieving a complete success of the "One Arrow, Two Stars" launch. The internal support and frame structure of the successfully launched new technology test satellite adopt ultra-light magnesium-lithium alloy products developed and manufactured by ZZQY Alloy Technology Group, which enables related components to achieve weight reduction of up to 45% and improve the satellite. The amount of payload and specific impulse.

As the lightest metal structure material in the world, magnesium-lithium alloy material has a density of only 1.35gcm3~1.65gcm3, which is 1/4~1/3 lighter than ordinary magnesium alloy and 1/3~1/2 lighter than aluminum alloy. Therefore, replacing the aluminum alloy with magnesium-lithium alloy on the aircraft has a better weight reduction effect than the ordinary magnesium alloy. The weight reduction effect can be as high as 40% or more, the load is increased by 40%, and the endurance is increased by 30%. Quantify.

In addition, magnesium-lithium alloys also have excellent properties such as high specific stiffness, high specific strength, vibration and noise reduction, anti-radiation, and shielding electromagnetic interference. They have been used in aviation pods, pilot heading, gyro brackets for missiles, and wireless support for fighter aircraft. Seats, UAV parts and components, military products such as satellite platforms, dust covers, satellite frames, laptops, smart wear, speaker diaphragms, transportation and other civilian products.

As the most powerful scientific research group in China's magnesium-lithium alloy material industry, ZZQY is committed to the production and sales of lighter high-strength alloys with lower cost, higher performance, and more value. It has complete production and inspection equipment such as magnesium-lithium alloy casting-extrusion-rolling-precision machining-surface treatment-performance testing, etc. It can provide OEM full process services from customer drawings to parts delivery. Currently, the company's production of magnesium-lithium alloys accounts for 70% of the world's production and more than 95% of domestic production. It has been used in batches in China's aerospace industry, aerospace science and technology, CEC, AVIC, China's weapons and China's aerospace And defense military industrial units.

At present, the company can research and produce a full range of ultra-light and high-strength aluminum and magnesium alloys, and creatively provide customers with five weight-loss solutions: use stronger strength to replace the original material, which can reduce weight by about 5%; use low-density Al-Li alloy can reduce the weight by 5%~15% instead of the original material; use magnesium alloy instead of the aluminum alloy can reduce the weight by about 30%; use ultra-high strength heat-resistant aluminum-copper alloy instead of titanium alloy can reduce the weight by 50%; use castings Instead of deformed aluminum alloy, thin-walled parts with complicated shapes can be reduced by 10%. High-performance nonferrous alloy products such as ultra-light magnesium lithium, high-strength aluminum lithium, high-strength heat-resistant magnesium rare earth, ultra-high-strength cast/deformed aluminum alloy, soluble aluminum/magnesium alloy, high-performance bronze white copper, etc. have been developed in major military industrial units , High-end mechanical equipment and electronic products have been highly recognized.