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China leading graphite/carbon-based/C/C material with Anti-oxidation silicon carbide nano mirror coating, C/C and C/SiC composite materials, CVD silicon carbide nanowires/whiskers manufacturer and supplier Hay:D05HNDZ

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HNDZ Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, production and sales of silicon carbide nano-mirror coatings and ceramic matrix composite materials.

China's semiconductor chip market accounts for 46% of the global share, but the self-sufficiency rate of semiconductor core materials is less than 20%. Among them, the graphite base plate is a "bottleneck" product of the chip manufacturing process. This type of product has long been monopolized by companies in Germany, Japan, the Netherlands and other countries because of high technical barriers. The price is very high and the ordering cycle takes 6-12 months.

In 2018, HNDZ successfully developed the graphite matrix plate with silicon carbide nano-mirror coating products for the semiconductor industry, which filled the domestic gap and broke the foreign monopoly. Its products began to be tested by many customers in China in 2019, and gradually realized stable supply in batches.

HNDZ`s Products

Graphite/carbon-based/C/C material with silicon carbide nano mirror coating

Silicon carbide nano-mirror coating is a mirror nano-silicon carbide coating synthesized in a high temperature and high vacuum environment by a special chemical vapor deposition process on the surface of graphite or carbon-based materials through atomic stacking. The surface of the coating is smooth and even, with the characteristics of oxygen barrier, carbon barrier, pressure resistance, wear resistance, self-lubrication, and non-volatile. It is an inorganic non-metallic material that can withstand high temperatures of 2700℃.

The chemical vapor deposition technology is used to deposit a nano-silicon carbide coating on the surface, and the nano-silicon carbide is penetrated into the micropores on the surface of the carbon material, The bonding strength of the coating and the carbon material and the stability of the thermal shock process are improved by the epitaxial growth technique and the mechanical occlusion method.

Graphite based/Matrix plate with SiC silicon carbide nano mirror coating

Graphite based Matrix material with SiC silicon carbide nano mirror coating.jpg

C/C based material with SiC silicon carbide nano mirror coating

C/C and C/SiC composites

C/C and C/SiC composites with SiC silicon carbide nano mirror coating

CVD silicon carbide nanowire/whisker

CVD silicon carbide nanowires have extremely high chemical purity and nanowire purity. In addition to being used in composite materials, they are also particularly suitable for cutting-edge fields such as catalysis, optoelectronics, and semiconductors. CVD silicon carbide nanowires implement strict quality control throughout the production process to ensure that its quality is reliable and stable.

Silicon carbide whiskers are the best reinforcement and toughening materials. They have extremely high strength, hardness, toughness, chemical inertness, and high temperature resistance. They are widely used to strengthen and toughen ceramic, metal, and polymer composite materials. The hardness, wear resistance, oxidation resistance, thermal stability, dimensional stability and thermal shock resistance of composite materials. In addition, the silicon carbide whiskers produced by Dezhi New Materials can also be used in catalysts, optoelectronics, semiconductors and other fields.